Employment supposedly means security. But is it really true? You can lose your job just as you can lose money in your business. And at least in your business you’re your own boss, and have slightly better control of the final outcome of your efforts. Sure, many business owners and freelancers work 80 hours a week. The margins are tight and bills keep piling up. But when you have a good business plan in place and stick to it, the long hours are temporary, and the day will come when you will reap the fruits of your hard work.

But why did you choose this business in particular? You may ask this question yourself, or you may face it while trying to get a franchise contract with one of the restaurant chains, or while trying to get into some multi-level-marketing organization. It can also form a part of a questionnaire you need to fill when trying to get some funding for your new business idea. Regardless of where you face the question, you should be able to present some logical reasons for your choice. Saying that you want to earn big won’t do the trick….

But you have many options, and we will look at them in the sample answers below. I tried to include a variety of answers on my list, but obviously there are so many businesses and so many places where you can face this question that one would not cover all possibilities with 100 sample answers, let alone with seven. Anyway, I hope the answers below will serve as a good inspiration for you, and eventually you will come up with your own perfect answer, fitting for the scenario of your life. Enjoy!


7 sample answers to “Why did you choose this business?” interview question

  1. I chose the business in your network organization because I like the fair way everyone is treated here. The more sales you make, the more clients you sign up, the more you will earn. It is not one of those organizations where people on the top make the majority of the money, and unless you join early enough, you cannot really make it big. On the contrary, in your organization it doesn’t matter whether you start early or late. Everyone who puts in a lot of effort and stay with the organization long enough have a decent chance of making this a very profitable business, and make their life so much better.
  2. I chose Subway because I feel the food is healthier than in most other franchise chains. Sure, I could have applied to open a McDonald’s or BK restaurant, but that would not go well with my values. At the same time I realize that one can benefit a lot from a well-known brand, and I do have confidence to start my own restaurant from scratch. I also realize that people will eat a lot in fast food places, since everything is so fast-paced nowadays and most workers just do not have time to sit in a some place for an hour. What I try to say here is that I see a long-term potential in this business, and consider it a very-wise investment.
  3. I just believe in the potential of cryptocurrencies. And I do not speak about making quick buck or buying a Lamborghini after cashing out on some good investment. I am a firm believer of the impact of the technology in everyday life, especially in developing countries. That’s why I started this startup, and look for funding, because I know this can pay back to all of us. Not only in terms of money, but also in making a positive difference in the world. I am as excited as anyone out there, and once we have a budget secured for the next six months, you can be sure I’d enjoy my 60+ hours working weeks.
  4. I choose internet marketing since I honestly consider it the best business model out there. The flexibility it offers, and the potential. You travel, write, you stay consistent, you show expertise. In one year time you can be making thousands a month, with minimal expenses. That’s hard to beat with any other business in my view. On the top of that, I always had this dream of teaching people. When you teach at school, your reach is limited to the class you stand in front of. But online, people can land on your website 24/7, from whatever place in the world, and read your advice. It fascinates me and motivates me to give each article I write my best shot.
  5. I chose gardening primarily because I love this type of work. Look, I know I am not going to become a millionaire while taking care of the gardens of others. At the same time though, I spend time outside, can see the results of my work, and no doubt people will always have gardens, and there won’t be a lack of work for my gardening business. I also believe we should do what we are good at, and I excel in gardening work and in making the places beautiful.
  6. I chose your business because of the reputation and longevity. Network businesses pop up every year. You get phone calls from friends, somebody is hooked up, big promises are made. But many of these businesses end up a scam, or a scheme. In two years they are history, and while a few people made nice money, most of those involved actually lost thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in the process. But you have real products that help millions of people around the world, and you’ve been around for decades. It means something, and tells something about both your business model and the quality the products you sell to members. That’s why I chose this business, and not one of the many others.
  7. I haven’t chosen this business. It has chosen me. My family has been involved in the shoe-making craft for generations. And we always did well, though the business model changed every generation, with new technologies coming up, with competitors from the East. But we were always able to adapt, and we managed to keep most of our workforce onboard, regardless of the challenged we faced. To be honest with you, considering I am the only son of my father, I cannot imagine pursuing any other business. However, I want to ensure you that I do not do this from sheer necessity, or sense of duty. I enjoy it, I see potential in this business, and I hope to continue the family tradition.


Final thoughts

Enthusiasm will take you a long way in life. And this question is no different, regardless of the scenario in which you face it. Sure, running a business is not easy nowadays, and you will face many challenges on the way towards your dreams. If it was easy to run a business or belong to some successful network organization, everyone would do it…. But it is possible, as countless success stories prove. Why would you not write the next one with your business? If others did it, you can do it as well! I wish you best of luck in the interview, and also in the business!


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