Life was simple back then when I was a teen. We didn’t have smartphones, most of us were pretty strong in communication, and when you wanted the job you simply walked in a store or restaurant and asked. If the manager liked you and had a vacancy available, they often gave you a chance, sometimes even without interviewing you. At times you got no contract too, but that was a part of the game back then :).

Fast forward to 2023. The job search game has changed a lot for teenagers. Interviews have become more sophisticated, and you will often have to pass a series of steps to get hired (online application, phone or video interview, face to face meeting), even when applying for a simple job that pays minimum wage. One of the questions you will often face is “Why do you want to work here?” And the question is how you should approach it as a teenager, what you should say to convince them to proceed further with your application.

In this article we will have a look at 7 sample answers to the question. As a teen, you cannot refer to some reasons adults and more experienced people can relate to. But you still have some options, and you can also go with some answers that would not make much sense for someone with five years of experience, or someone in their forties. At the end of the day, as a teen you can also bet on complete honesty, and tell them that you have no particular preference for their place! Let’s have a look at sample answers for each of these options. I hope you will like at least one of them.


7 sample answers to “Why do you want to work here” interview question for teenagers

  1. I just like this place. Live near, and since I do not have a car it is very fitting to work somewhere near my home, or school. What’s more, I’ve been eating here occasionally, and I always got the impression that people working here are relatively satisfied, considering the heavy workload they no doubt deal with here. So, at this point, when I want to finally start working part-time somewhere, and se that you were looking for new employees, you are definitely my first choice.
  2. I want to work here because in my opinion, this is the best job I can get as a teenager. Now I do not say it is a great or easy job. Call center is hard work, repetitive, you deal with rejection, and everything that belongs to it. At the same time, however, you sit in a clean office, spend your time on the phone and not in the kitchen, and while the job is mentally demanding, it isn’t physically demanding–something that would be a problem for me with my weight. And the payment is also decent, especially for those who try hard and work on weekends.
  3. I got a recommendation from my best mate, Caren. She’s been working here last summer, and really enjoyed the vibe and the interactions with customers. Since most jobs one can get a as teenager are pretty similar, in terms of wage and working conditions, I want to rely on recommendations and feedback of people I trust. Caren liked this job, and since we have similar preferences, I believe I will like it as well. On the top of that, I read the job description and feel like a right match for this position, personality-wise. And I hope you will give me a chance to prove my words in the job.
  4. The shift patterns is the answer why I want to work here, and not somewhere else. Still at high school, I prioritize my studies to everything, even though I need to earn some extra money. You are very flexible here (as I have read on online reviews from other students who work(ed) here), and I can do only afternoons. Not many other employers offers such a luxury to part time staff. You do, and hence I have picked you from all the offers available in this area.
  5. To be completely honest with you, I do not care much about my place of work. Look, I am a teen, with no experience, nothing to show on my resume. Have no recommendations either, since this is my first-ever job application. I believe that in my situation I have to be grateful for any opportunity. I submitted several applications, mostly in the hospitality sector, and you are the first company who actually invited me for an interview. And if you offer me a job I will take it, because I am motivated to work hard and finally get some experience, regardless of the type of the job and the workload I will have to handle.
  6. It is my love for cars that got me here. Washing cars by hand I can see all the models, get the feel of each vehicle, and dream… Of course, washing a car that costs $100K isn’t the same like driving one, or owning one. But I still prefer to work with something I like, and not to just do some mundane job with product or service I have no personal relationship to. I love cars, you offer a job here, and I decided to apply. It is as simple as that.
  7. I want to work here because I hope to have a better job with you one day in the future. What I like about your company is that you promote people internally. One can start as a cashier here, but if they show motivation and dedication, and do a good job, they can become assistant managers and later even store managers one day. I do not plan to continue my studies at the university or anything else. But I also do not want to work as a cashier all my life. My goal is to start here, do an excellent job, get promoted, and build my career in your company. It is possible with your supermarket, and that’s why I prefer working for you.


Final thoughts

Many teenagers make a mistake trying to sound too mature in the interviews. Look, you are a teen. You aren’t applying for a six-figure managerial job. And you shouldn’t approach your interview as if you were applying for such a position. Be yourself, show some authenticity. Now it doesn’t mean that you have to use slang or be rude or anything similar. It simply means that you can keep things and your answers simple and realistic, instead of trying to come up with something super-elaborate and out of your age.

As long as you give them at least some reason, and express your motivation to work hard, they will be satisfied with your answer. And at the end you will hopefully get the job… If you want to continue your preparation for the big day, check our article with 13 most common interview questions for teens. Thank you, and good luck in the interviews!


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