Reading job ads one after another, you can easily notice one thing they have in common: Everyone is looking for people with experience. Needless to say, it makes your task of getting a job so much harder, because everyone needs to start somewhere, and logically everyone starts their professional career with no previous experience. Good news is that some employers have realized it already, and also understood–perhaps after spending some time on our website–that in majority of jobs attitude, effort, and motivation matter more than whether a candidate has a previous experience in the field.

Let’s face it. The days of creative and craft jobs are almost gone. Now everything is highly systematized, companies have processes in place for everything, and many jobs monkeys would be able to perform, if they were allowed enough time to train and try and fail. In most jobs nowadays you’ll get a training, they will show you how to do things, and you will not really use your creativity that much. And while I do not say this a good trend–it is rather sad indeed, and AI will make things only worse and people will become even less creative and independent, but one thing I wanted to come to with this lengthy introduction is that whether or not you have a experience nowadays isn’t as decisive as it was, let’s say 20 years ago. All you need to do is convince the hiring managers of being a good fit, regardless of your lack of experience. How?

Well, you have several options. First one is speaking about your motivation, determination, willingness to learn. Maybe you won’t excel in your new job from day one. But you are ready to humbly observe and listen to your colleagues, learning the ins and outs of the job from them. Second option is referring to your skills, and abilities, and perhaps your intelligence as well. You haven’t done a job before, but because you generally excel in this and that activity, and are intelligent and can problem solve, you do not see a reason why you would not be a good fit for the position you try to get. Last but not least you can refer to your studies or even to some of your leisure time activities, and explaining how you can bridge from them to the actual job.

Let’s have a look at 7 sample answers to this interesting question. I tried to come up with some variety, including both simple & straightforward question, and more complex outside-of-the-box choices. I hope you will enjoy the selection, and at the end of reading this article you will know exactly how to answer this question, be it on a job application or in an interview. Enjoy!


7 sample answers to “Why are you a good fit for this job with no experience?” interview question

  1. I honestly believe this isn’t a job with a steep learning curve. Almost everyone can do it well, and learn to do it quickly, as long as they do not lack the motivation and willingness to learn, as long as they are humble and ready to learn from their more experienced colleagues. I am all of these things, and I really like the job description, and can assure you that I will do my best to learn the job quickly. On the top of that I believe to have a right personality for this job, and in my opinion it also matters a lot.
  2. I’ve always excelled in communication with others, and have been a natural leader in the group. On the top of that I am very responsible, and punctual. Hence I believe to be a good fit for this supervisory role, even though I lack any previous working experience. At the end of the day everyone has to start somewhere, and this is my time and place. I am ready to start with a bang, and have no doubt you won’t regret giving me a chance here.
  3. Well, I’ve just graduated. In theory, I am perfectly prepared for the job of a financial analyst. At the college I excelled in Math, Statistics, computer subjects, Financial Analysis, Time Rows Analysis. These subjects were my favorite, and I believe that the teachers did a good job, and they prepared me in theory for the work. Because of that I believe to be an excellent match to this role. At the same time I realize that one cannot learn everything at school. But you have a good training program in place, and with my theoretical knowledge I should be able to learn the job quickly and deliver the expected results.
  4. I’ve been a decent writer for some years now. Mostly for my own blog, that you can check out here. You know, writing is writing and creativity is creativity, and while I have no formal education or experience in marketing, I believe to be a good fit for this job opening, simply because of my writing skills, passion for copy writing, and a desire to make a dent to the universe.
  5. My IQ score is 137. And while it may sound too cocky, I can assure you that I can learn any skill of a technical character withing few hours, or, if extremely difficult, within few days. My past has proven to me, since I’ve learned a lot of things. I can program in C++, PHP, I can build amazing websites. And I’ve never studied any of these things. Just watching some tutorials, experimenting, and letting my intelligence to shine through. And I see no reason why it should be any different in this job that I am trying to get with you.
  6. I hope to be a good fit because I have the right personality. I genuinely enjoy interactions with others, can deal with conflicts, problem solve, and do not mind doing night shifts. Sure, I will need to learn how to handle the software you have here at the reception, but I also do not think it is the most difficult thing in the world to learn it… many have done it before me, and many will do it after me. All in all, I have the confidence, and hope to convince you that I am the right fit for this job, even though I do not have any previous experience as a receptionist.
  7. An experience? What experience do you need in entry level jobs? Aren’t they called entry level exactly for this reason, that you can “enter them with no previous experience?” This is an opening for an entry level job. And I love the job description, and am highly motivated to learn, and to do my very best. And of course I meet the requirements in terms of education and everything else. Sincerely speaking, I feel this is enough, and makes from me a good fit for this entry level role in your corporation.

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed the answers, selected your favorite, and are now ready to impress the hiring managers. If you need more help, however, consider checking out 7 sample answers to similar interview questions:

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