When you say a pizza place, the first thought many people all around the world will have is Pizza Hut. One of the oldest international franchises in the world, established all the way back in 1958 in Kansas, you can currently have your pizza in more than 18,000 locations worldwide. As you can imagine, Pizza Hut employs a lot of people… The company currently belongs to the 100 biggest employers in the world, with over 350,000 people working in Pizza Hut (including franchise employees and part time staff). And you can definitely join their ranks, as soon as you prepare for ten questions you may face in your Pizza Hut interview.

Before looking at the questions, let me tell you some good news. Pizza Hut interviews belong to easy interviews. The employee fluctuation is high, the company is always in need of staff, and as long as you do not remain silent in the interviews, and show some flexibility and willingness to work hard, they will give you a chance. One more thing: questions on our list are interview questions for servers, cashiers, team members, delivery drivers, pizza cutters, and similar positions in one of the Pizza Hut restaurants. If you apply for one of the corporate roles (in IT, Finance, Marketing, etc), you will face different questions, and this article won’t help you. Let’s move to the questions!


Why do you want to work at Pizza Hut?

Be honest, and realistic. You can praise the brand of Pizza Hut, saying that you like the environment and the taste of pizza. Or that you got a recommendation from a friend, who said good things about the job and the team spirit. You can also refer to flexible shift patterns (if you are still a student), or to anything else you like about Pizza Hut.

Your answer should be realistic though. For example, it makes no sense praising the salaries or employee benefits, because there aren’t really any significant benefits, and most employees in the restaurants earn minimum wage… This doesn’t necessarily make it a bad job. On the contrary, you can learn a lot in every franchise place, plus when you lack experience, or are very young, this is the type of a job you can realistically get. Just you should not say that you want the job because of something it cannot offer you.


Can you tell us more about your experience?

Either you have it, or you don’t. If you have had any jobs before, pick the relevant roles, and explain briefly how what you did there should help you to handle your job with Pizza Hut. They may also ask you why you left your last job, and I suggest you to get the answer ready for this one.

If you have no experience whatsoever, you can at least show confidence in your ability to handle the job. Say them that you are motivated, hard worker, and a quick learner. With that on your mind, you have no doubts that after the initial training you will do well in the job.


What is your availability?

This question is extremely common especially in part time job interviews with Pizza Hut. Good news is that you can be completely honest, because they will find fitting schedule for you. The most important thing is to show some flexibility–such as working in the evenings or on weekends, etc.

On the top of that, you should have a schedule ready in advance, explaining when exactly you can work, which days and hours. Think about your school and other obligations, and try to get the schedule ready before the start of your interview.

Tell us more about your driving experience.

Food delivery is one of the biggest trends nowadays. Though not necessarily a good trend–I liked it more when people actually met in the restaurants (perhaps I am an old school guy), but nevertheless it is a trend and Pizza Hut interviews many people for the job of delivery drivers.

Again, the most important thing is to show confidence in your driving skills. You can say how many miles you’ve covered in the driving seat, that you’ve never had an accident, and you can also boast about your knowledge of the local area, which will help you to deliver the pizza faster.


How many slices are in a pie (or similar technical question)?

When you will prepare or cut the pizza, they want you to have at least a basic knowledge of their products. It doesn’t mean that you had to work as a chef, or at least a pizza cutter, in an Italian restaurant before… But you should know something about their pizzas.

Actually the question is a bit tricky, because the number of slices changes with the size of the pizza. The small personal pizza has four to six, the 12” variation has six to eight, and the big 14” family pizza has twelve slices. Check some of these details before the start of your interview. You won’t necessarily face such questions, but it won’t hurt to prepare for them–just in case.


Do you have experience working in a fast-paced environment?

Pizza Hut is a popular place. And though it typical isn’t understaffed like many other fast-food places, you may have your hands full during peak hours. So, if you’ve worked in any similar place, or basically in any place where you had to work hard because the workload was heavy, say so to the hiring managers.

And if you have not, ensure them that you do not expect an easy ride, and want to work hard. You aren’t one of those employees who hides in the kitchen playing with their smartphone, while their colleagues are working their asses off, and customers are nervous waiting in the line… That’s the message you try to convey with your answer, regardless of whether you worked in fast-paced place before or not.


Where do you see yourself in three years from now?

You do not have to, but you can connect your future with Pizza Hut. Just do not say that you want to still stand behind the cash-desk, or cut pizzas to slices, in three years from now. If you imagine your future with Pizza Hut, you should show some ambition. Perhaps you hope to have a job of an assistant manager, or at least of a supervisor.

Another alternative is focusing on something completely different. Perhaps you will finish your studies in three years, and will look for a totally different job (once you have a degree), or you consider starting a family, or whatever. And if you have no idea, you can say so. We live in an unpredictable world right now. Maybe you prefer to live in a present moment, focusing on the goals you have right now (such as getting a job with Pizza Hut), instead of dreaming of the future, and what may happen to you in three years time.


How will you handle an upset customer?

This question is more typical for interviews for supervisory jobs¬†or managerial roles in the restaurant, because common Pizza Hut employees aren’t responsible for addressing complaints of the customers. Anyway, you can get this question, and you should show the right attitude.

Say that the feedback of customers matters to you, and you will definitely hear them out, trying to understand what went wrong (if anything). You will try to remedy the situation (if possible), and you will also learn your lesson, to make sure the same problem won’t repeat again with another customer. In any case, you won’t argue with the customer. You will stay calm and courteous, regardless of their emotions…


What do you enjoy to do in your free time?

Managers at Pizza Hut want to know you as a person as well. Many times they will ask about your hobbies, or what you enjoy to do in your leisure time, or a similar question. There isn’t any wrong answer here, unless you tell them that you enjoy taking drugs in your free time, or something similar.

Be honest, and openly tell them what you enjoy doing. It can be some sport, hanging out with friends, reading, playing computer games, it can be anything. Maybe they have the same hobby, and if they do, it is definitely an extra point for you in this interview.


Do you have any questions?

Pizza Hut is a big operation. You do not have to worry that they would not pay you the arranged wage–a sad thing that can sometimes happen in some individual restaurant (not in a big chain, though an exception sometimes proves the rule). Hence you do not need to force some question at this point, or show some doubts. If things went well, you can just thank the manager for their time, and say that you hope to get the job.

Of course, if you have some questions–about the shift patterns, dress code, wages, anything, you should inquire about it. If they are serious and want to hire you, they will give you the answers…

Ready to ace your interview with Pizza Hut? I hope so! If you still need some help, check the following articles:

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