A strange question to say the least, yet still a popular one, not only in Medical Assistant job interviews. Skilled recruiters and hiring managers are paid for their ability to tell whether it makes sense to hire you, whether you are better than other candidates. But not all hiring managers are good in their job, and sometimes they simply may struggle to see the minor differences between job candidates. They will ask you for help, to tell them why it makes sense to hire you. Or they simply use some list of most common interview questions, trying to get a grasp of your skills and personality, and “Why should we hire you?” made their list…

One way or another, you may face the question, and you should prepare for it, because answering questions with silence will not bring you the desired results. Let’s have a loot at 7 sample answers to the question. I tried to include answers for both novices to the field and experienced Medical Assistants, and cover all sorts of reasons why it makes sense to hire you. Some unconventional answers also have their place on my list. Hopefully at least one answer will resonate with the message you want to convey to the hiring managers.


7 sample answers to “Why should we hire you” question for Medical Assistant job applicants

  1. You should hire me because I meet all job requirements, and I really want to work for your medical practice. I have completed my certification program recently, and feel ready to handle all aspects of the job. And I handpicked your offer, because I prefer to work with vulnerable communities and people from the fringe of society, and that’s exactly what your place specializes in. It would be wonderful to become a part of this initiative and work as a Medical Assistant here.
  2. I would say that my experience is the reason no. 1 why you should hire me. I’ve worked as a medical assistant for five years already, before taking a break for half a year, for health reasons. And I’ve seen it all, and faced every possible challenge one can face in this job. I’ve worked with two different hospital management software programs, and would love to bring this experience onboard your place. Sure enough, I am still eager to learn and grow, and do not pretend to know everything just because of my experience. But I still believe it gives me an edge when compared to other job applicants.
  3. Motivation is the answer. I know I lack experience, and I am still just in the process of getting my certification. But I am as motivated as anyone to do this job, because I see a meaningful purpose in it, it it will mean a world to me to work in such an amazing hospital like this one. In my opinion, right attitude and motivation matters even more than experience. And I hope you will give me a chance to prove this in the job.
  4. To be honest, I cannot tell whether you should hire me or one of the other candidates. Without a doubt I have my strengths, and am ready to give my 100% at work every day. But I am sure other candidates also have their strengths and dreams, and their reasons why they want to work as Medical Assistants in this place. Are their reasons better than mine? And who is the best fit for the existing team you have in place, in terms of personality and preferences? You are the only one to answer these questions, and I cannot help you with them from my position.
  5. A better question would be why shouldn’t you hire me. I am a certified medical assistant, I earned 98% in the final test, and I believe to have what it takes to bring the efficiency of your office to the next level. What’s more, I am empathic and patients typically calm down in my presence, because I have the right words to tell them, at least most of the time. To sum it up, I see many reasons why you should hire me, and cannot see a single one why you shouldn’t.
  6. I’d say my specialization. I know you are looking for a medical assistant who will perform a lot of clinical duties besides the common administrative tasks. With my certification and experience, as well as my preferences–I’d like to work directly with the patients, I see myself as an ideal candidate for the position. Of course, I know that things won’t be easy and it will take some time until we cooperate smoothly as a team. But that would be the case with any other candidate for this Medical Assistant position…
  7. I would pick loyalty. I’ve been working for my previous employer for 12 years, and if they did not retire and close their practice, I’d still be there. Please look at the references I have here. The doctor were extremely satisfied with my work, we made a great team, and became friends also outside of work. And now I would love to bring all this experience and great attitude to your medical practice. In my opinion, it is a good enough reason to give me a chance at your place.


A perfect answer entails both confidence and humility

If someone asks why they should give you the job, you should have a reason. You should show confidence in your abilities, and in your readiness to become an excellent Medical Assistant. Because if you do not know why someone should hire you, how could they know it?

On the other hand, humility is a highly sought-after quality nowadays, not only in the employment market. It is fine to know your strengths, but you should also suggest that there is still room for improvement, and you do not consider yourself a perfect Medical Assistant (in the making). Try to combine confidence with humility in your answer. It will win you many points in your interviews.

Demonstrate empathy with your appreciation of other candidates

At the end of the day, job interview is a competition. Two, five, twelve, or two hundred people compete for a single vacancy, or for a limited number of jobs. And it is all right to try to outclass your competitors, and be the one who walks away with a new employment agreement.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should say bad things about other candidates, or consider yourself superior to them. On the contrary. Empathy and ability to recognize various qualities in other people is definitely a plus for almost any healthcare worker. And you can use this question as an opportunity to demonstrate such an ability. Check sample answer no. 4 for your inspiration…

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