Who we really are? And what we want from life? Introducing ourselves is never easy, be it in a first date, or in an interview. Because at the end of the day introduction is just as much–an introduction to our personality and mindset, and one cannot really know us from the few words we say. What’s more, the image we have of ourselves is always biased, since introducing ourselves we are talking about a person we love the most in the world, regardless of whether we admit it or not. Selfish love reigns supreme. Pardon me the philosophical opening, but I wanted to emphasize that “Tell me about yourself” question is not an easy as it seems.

Applying for a job of a medical assistant, you will often face it right at the start of the recruitment process, when completing a job application. And if you somehow manage to skip this step, or the organization you apply for a job with decides to omit it, you will face it later on, while interviewing for the job at a hospital, clinic, medical practice, etc. What shall you say, and what the interviewers want to hear from you? My advice is easy to say and understand, yet often hard to follow: Focus on your strengths, and share something from your life outside of work.

Obviously your strengths depend on your situation right now. If this is your first job application in the field, you should focus on your personality traits (fitting for a Medical Assistant), certification (if you obtained one), and motivation. If you’ve done the job before, you can center your answer around your previous experience. Anyway, let’s have a look at 7 sample answers to the question for both these cases + other. I am sure you will pick one of them and use it as an inspiration for your own introduction in the interviews. Enjoy!


7 sample answers to “Tell me about yourself” question for Medical Assistant job applicants

  1. My name is Luise, I am 28, and I have finally found my calling in life. Worked in retail for seven years before I realized that standing behind a cash desk or trying to push some products to customers isn’t really something that makes me happy in life. Enrolled in a course for Medical Assistants, got some hands-on practice, and finally found a meaningful occupation that makes me happy. Now I am hoping to make the last step towards my new career, getting a job at your hospital. Apart from working I enjoy dancing and playing guitar, and cooking a good meal.
  2. Mario here, 22, and ready to embark on my journey in healthcare. I have dreamed of becoming a doctor, and tried my best, but I just didn’t have brains for med school. Many people would give up but I did not, since I realized that every person in a hospital or medical practice is important, and they play a role, and without them it could not function, and the patients would not be treated. Got my certification as a medical assistant, and now I am looking forward to start working, hopefully at your place. When not working I enjoy going for a beer or for a run, depending on the day and company. Is there anything else about my education or life you’d like me to elaborate on?
  3. My name is Katy, I am 38, and have been working in healthcare for over 12 years. I’ve done it all and seen it all, yet the fire still burns within me, and I enjoy my job of a clinical medical assistant. But I had to relocate due to family reasons, and had to give up on my job in Memorial hospital. Now on the East Coast, I am looking to restart my career, and ideally in a place with a great reputation such as your clinic. I have two children, both going to secondary school, and I love being with them anytime my work and other obligations allow me to do so.
  4. I would introduce myself as motivated, responsible, and compassionate medical assistant. At least that’s how I see myself, or perhaps it is an ideal I aspire to reach one day. Of course the journey is long, I do not have the best day always, and sometimes patients may perceive me in a different way. Yet I try my best, in everything I do in life, and hope you will give me a chance to prove it in the job. As far as my education goes, I graduate from XZY high school two years ago and then obtained my certification from an accredited medical assisting program at ABC. Let me know if you need more information about my education or anything else.

  1. My name is Jeane, and I’ve worked as a medical assistant for whopping 20 years. But I never grew tired of the job, since I see a meaningful purpose in what I do, and define myself as a Medical Assistant. Without my role in life and society, who am I? Long story short, I had personal issues with my manager that we could not overcome, and I had to quit the job, unless I wanted to get crazy. Now I am offering my vast experience in the field to your medical practice, since I would really love to work in this community and serve local people. I feel like I belong here, and hope you will give me a chance to prove my experience and attitude in the job.
  2. I prefer to introduce myself in three words: Intelligent, hard-working, patient. It sorts of sums up the way I approach my job, and what you can expect from me. Of course I can tell you a lot about my education, certification, past experience. But all applicants have the same credentials, and hence I focus more on who am I, and my attitude to assisting healthcare professionals and patients, instead of coming up with names of organizations and places I went to and worked for. You can easily find them on my resume anyway.
  3. I am a dreamer. Dreaming of a better healthcare in this country, of patients leaving the hospitals satisfied with the care they received, and nurses, doctors, and their assistants smiling, enjoying their time in work. And while perhaps this is a far-fetched dream, something we cannot achieve even if we wanted to, I want to be that drop in the ocean, the spark that can start the fire. I am not a prime minister to decide about substantial changes in healthcare. But I am a medical assistant, have daily contact with other staff members in the hospital and with the patients, and hope that I can make this microcosms at least a bit better. That’s who I am, and what I aspire to do with my life.

So that’s it. Seven answers, all different, some conventional and some outside of the box :). I hope you enjoyed my selection, found some inspiration in it, and now finally know what to write on the job application, or what to say in the interviews. Before leaving this website, I suggest you to check also the following articles, to prepare even better for the task ahead:

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