Why would you ask a funny question in a job interview? It may seem like a strange idea to outsiders, but there is something behind it. First of all, job seekers are much better prepared today as they were years ago. With websites like InterviewPenguin.com around, they can prepare for all common interview questions, and also for some tests they may face during the recruitment process.

However, asking a funny question–which is always an unexpected questions, hiring managers can easily catch them off-guard, and hear a spontaneous answer to a question they did not prepare for. What more, a funny question can help the job seekers to relax, and to get rid of stress, especially if it is an easy one and the hiring managers use it at the star of an interview. It helps to break the ice, and to start the conversation going–for both the interviewers and candidates.

All in all, it can help with building a more relaxed atmosphere in an interview, which can subsequently result in an honest and authentic interview answers of the job candidates. The more relaxed we are, the most authentic our answers will be. One way or another, you should always know why you ask the funny questions, what goal you follow with them.

And I suggest you to stay with one, or maximally with two funny questions. After all, your goal is to make a good and professional impression on the job seekers. Remember that you are also selling your skills (as a person, as an interviewer, as a company director, an HR manager, their future colleague). It is you who “sells” the reputation of the company, and also the job offer. If you use too many informal or funny questions, the chosen applicant can very well say no to your offer at the end of the interviews. Let’s have a look at the questions.


Funny interview questions and case studies

  • You come to work Monday morning and see that all your colleagues are naked. What will you do?
  • Your boss asks you to call their wife and tell that you were playing cards together last night at your place. But it is not true. What will you do? Will you call their wife and what will you say?
  • Manager of the company comes to your department Thursday morning and says he is bored from the whole week and that all of you shall go home and do not come back until Monday morning. Will you obey?
  • Imagine that you are eating a lunch with your boss and suddenly she farts loudly and all people around you start to laugh. How will you react?

two men are having a good laugh, they can't stop laughing. The picture illustrates what can happen in an interview, if the employer uses many funny questions.

Simple questions that can also sound funny to most job seekers

  • Would you like to receive ice cream or lollipop as a bonus to your basic salary?
  • Who do you think was more guilty in the paradise–Adam or Eve?
  • What happened when wheel was invented?
  • Do you prefer white or wheat bread?
  • We like to come late to work, 30 minutes at least. And we also prefer to leave early. Is it fine with you?
  • Do you own a mobile phone?
  • If you had a time machine, where would you travel?
  • If we introduced dancing day in work, every Friday, what dance would you choose?
  • How would you like your boss to look like?
  • Would you like me to choose you for the job or rather give you $1,000 and send you home immediately?
  • Would you mind working for free this year, if the next year you will receive double salary at the end of each month?

Special Tip: Download the list of funny interview questions in a simple, one page long PDF, print it and use it as your reference in the interviews:

funny questions, PDF


Final thoughts

It is definitely a good idea to try to break the boring (and sometimes also a stressful) routine of interviewing with an unexpected question–be it a funny question, or some other question you won’t typically hear in the interviews.

But it is important to stay modest here, because at the end of the day you want to look serious in the eyes of the job applicants, and their answers to the funny questions won’t tell you much about their readiness for the job. One or two funny questions are fine, but in general you should keep your line and ask questions that actually make sense for both you and the job candidates.


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