A teaching job candidate shakes hands with his interviewer, an assistant principal from the school.The interview for this position does not belong to the most difficult interviews. The reason is simple: you will compete with no more than two other applicants, and many times you will actually be the only job candidate.

If you have the qualification, and if you can convince the hiring committee that you have the right attitude to work, and that you know something about their school, and what they try to achieve with special needs students, they will hire you.

The members of the committee (or a school principal, if they lead an interview with you) will ask you some personal and behavioral questions, to help them understand your personality, attitude, as well as your readiness for the job. We will have a look at the questions in this article.


Personal questions and your motivation

school children are playing outside , two boys and one girl, we can see grass beneeth them. They are from India.To work with children with special needs is a rewarding job, but also a challenging task. The interviewers will ask you questions about your motivation and goals, trying to understand whether you will enjoy doing the job for a long time, or you will burn out quickly.

  • What motivates you to become a teacher?
  • Why special needs students? Do you have any reason for your preferences?
  • What do you want to accomplish on this position?
  • Do you have experience with special needs children?
  • What do you consider the most difficult aspect of this job?
  • What is your opinion on inclusion and segregation?

Behavioral questions to test your attitude

A young teacher is looking in the classroom. We can see blackboard with  math calculations behind him.Asking about certain work related situations, the interviewers try to see how you would act in your daily job, and if you know what is expected from you. Your answers should correspond with the philosophy of their educational institution (which you can understand researching about the school prior to the interview, or asking about it while talking to them in an interview).

  • Special needs students easily lose their motivation. How would you motivate them in the class?
  • If we came to the classroom in the middle of your math lesson, what would we see?
  • Teaching is a demanding job. How do you plan to handle the pressure?
  • Imagine there was a conflict between two students, one of them disabled. How would you approach such a situation?
  • How do you teach and encourage socially acceptable behavior from your students?
  • One of your pupil has down syndrome. Some children from the class are making fun of them, but they do not realize that. What will you do?


Technical questions

Once they tested your motivation, and your attitude to various work related situations, they will inquire about the technical aspect of the job, meaning the teaching methods, lesson plans, etc.

  • What teaching methods do you prefer and why? What teaching methods would you not apply with a special need student?
  • Have you ever written an individual lesson plan?
  • What games would you play with your students?
  • How are you going to ensure that each student feels engaged and a part of a class?
  • Are there any other staff members you plan to co-operate with when progressing with your special needs pupils?


teacher interviewing at school, the interview is led by a principal and a school counselor.Continue your interview preparation

So, did you know how to answer the questions? If you struggle looking for good answers, you can have a look at https://specialeducationinterviewquestions.com, a website from Glen Hughins, a reputable career coach from Philadelphia who specializes in helping people to get teaching jobs. 

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