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Software testing interview questions on the paperSoftware testing has become a popular job nowadays. The salary is exceptional and the work exciting. For that reason we decided to summarize the list of most common software testing interview questions, so you can get better prepared for your interview.

Please, do not forget that in these sort of jobs, you compete mostly with other applicants that are also highly skilled in the field. That’s why besides your answers to software testing interview questions, also other factors play an important role. For example the following:

  1. How do you fit in company culture and environment.
  2. How do you present your self, your level of soft skills and the relationship you are able to build with your interviewer.
  3. The way you prepared for the job interview.

But now, let’s switch to the questions.


List of most common software testing interview questions:

Question 1. How will you figure out what to test?

Question 2. How can you make a decision if you have ‘tested enough?’

Question 3. In what occasion System Testing is necessary ?

Question 4. Do you know the different stages in SDLC,what’s test groups take part in that??

Question 5. Can you define ERP Testing?

Question 6. Can you name the the different parts of testing?

Question 7. Do you know what is calling to copy of some action and calling to existing some action?

Question 8. The reason why one needs documentation to be able to do testing?

Question 9. Exactly how would you make a test of a quick laser printer?

Question 10. In case a bug is discovered which is not replicable every time, should this particular bug be reported to the developer of the software?

Question 11. Can you define Risk Analysis?

Question 12. Imagine you should test a keyboard. How will you proceed, step by step?

Question 13. The task is to test one newly installed elevator. What will be the broad categories of your test cases in this example?

Question 14. If there is more than one bug to be resolved, which bug would you pick to fix first?

Question 15. Can you name the main difference between System and Functional Testing? Is there any major difference between the two concepts?

Question 16. Does manual testing posses any advantage over automation testing?

Question 17. Are there any things you prefer & Prepare before starting any Testing?

Question 18. Test case and use case. Can you name the primary difference of these two?

Question 19. What is the primary difference between System and End- to- end Testing? Which method do you personally prefer?

Question 20. Can you remember on the most challenging situation you had during software testing? How did you solve this challenge?

Question 21. Can you describe the difference between validation and verification, when we speak about software testing.

Question 22. What kinds of software testing have you already done?

Question 23. Can you name main difference between Black & White box software testing?


This is the list of most commonly used software testing interview questions. Please, do not overdo it with preparation for specific questions. If you know your job, you should be able to answer any question on a satisfactory level. rather try to relax, and use few of our general job interview preparation tips to be ready and feeling well in your job interview.

Good luck in both software testing and job interviews!

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