A man is testing a software, apparently having a good time. We can see him working with no less than four computer screens simultaneously.You will not compete with many other people for this job, unless you apply at Google.

On the other hand, all your competitors will have decent technical skills. The difference between the winner and the losers can be in the answer to other (non-technical) questions, such as behavioral or personal interview questions.

Nevertheless, in this article we will focus on technical questions. Unless you answer them well, and demonstrate your readiness to test the software, they won’t hire you.


23 technical and semi-technical interview questions for software testing

  • Question 1. How will you figure out what to test?
  • Question 2. How can you tell if you have ‘tested enough?’
  • Question 3. In what occasion System Testing is necessary ?
  • Question 4. Do you know the different stages in SDLC, what’s test groups take part in that?
  • Question 5. Can you define ERP Testing?
  • Question 6. Can you name the the different parts of the process of testing as software?
  • Question 7. Do you know what is calling to copy of some action and calling to existing some action?
  • Question 8. Why we need documentation before we start with the tests?
  • Question 9. Exactly how would you make a test of a quick laser printer?
  • Question 10. In case a bug is discovered which is not replicable every time, should this particular bug be reported to the developer of the software?
  • Senior programmer runs some test on his personal computer. He sits in his working room at home, working with a laptop and a desktop at the same time.Question 11. Can you define Risk Analysis?
  • Question 12. Imagine you should test a keyboard. How will you proceed, step by step?
  • Question 13. The task is to test a newly installed elevator. What will be the broad categories of your test cases in this example?
  • Question 14. If there is more than one bug to be resolved, which bug would you pick first?
  • Question 15. Can you name the main difference between System and Functional Testing? Is there any major difference between the two concepts?
  • Question 16. Does manual testing posses any advantage over automation testing?
  • Question 17. Are there any things you prefer & prepare before starting any tests?
  • Question 18. Test case and use case. Can you name the primary difference of the two?
  • Question 19. What is the primary difference between System and End-to-end Testing? Which method do you personally prefer and why?
  • Question 20.Try to recall the most challenging situation you faced during software testing? How did you solve the challenge?
  • Question 21. Can you describe the difference between validation and verification, when we speak about software testing.
  • Question 22. What kinds of tests have you done in your career?
  • Question 23. Can you name the main difference between Black & White box software testing?


It is not only about the technical skills

Remember that your success in this interview does not depend only on your technical skills. Most interviewed candidates will give good answers to technical questions.

Read something about the screening interview, and behavioral questions, to understand all challenges you will have to handle before signing a coveted job contract…