a secretary sits in a leather chair, looking at us. She has eight books on her working table, some papers, and a glass of water. Getting a job of a secretary is not easy. Success in an interview depends also on the impression you make on your interviewer, and the relationship you manage to build with them (this is true especially if you apply for a job in a small company, and the interviewer is the same person you will work for).

If they feel good with you, average interview answers will suffice you to succeed. But if they do not feel good with you, your exceptional knowledge of MS Office, your high productivity in work, or excellent interview answers won’t help you to sign a new job contract.

Try to be a nice companion, show enthusiasm for the job, and for their core business. Be attentive to their needs, and questions. Simply try to convince them it will be a pleasure to have you on board as a new secretary.

Answers to interview questions

More than ten people typically apply for every secretary job opening. On the top of the good impression, you will need great interview answers, to succeed and stand out. Let’s have a look at the most common questions.


Why did you apply for this job?

Managers prefer to hire honest secretaries. To say that you are looking for a solid job and good relationship with the boss is a good answer. You can also say that you enjoy doing what secretaries typically do in their daily job.


What do you think makes a good secretary nowadays?

Focus on skills that are relevant for the job. Responsibility, positive attitude to work, ability to understand the orders, ability to adapt, loyalty to the employer, etc.


Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Secretaries should not dream of promotion, at least not within the company. Say them that you will be happy to work for them in five years, or somewhere else, doing a good job as a secretary, and enjoying your life outside of work.


How do you imagine a typical day in work?

Many people believe that secretaries do nothing but make coffee and answer phone calls. You should show a different attitude to job. Tell them that you plan helping the boss with their schedule, with the administrative tasks, and basically with anything they may need.


Can you work with MS Office (or with other office software)?

The key is to answer the question with an entire sentence. Instead of saying just yes or no, you should tell them how long you have been working with the software, and how it has helped you in your past jobs.


More questions and answers

If you would like to see great answers to these questions, and answers to fifteen other common secretary interview questions, we recommend http://secretaryinterviewquestions.com/, a website that specializes only in secretary interviews.

Good luck in your interview!