Job of a secretary is still extremely popular around the globe. If we talk about good jobs, that means jobs in bigger places that pay well and offer lot of benefits, it isn’t atypical to receive 50-100 job applications for each secretary job opening. The competition makes it harder to succeed, and in such a scenario, every single interview answer matters, including answers to “simple” questions, such as “Tell me about yourself”. What should you focus on, and what should yo avoid saying?

Well, you should focus on your strengths in your introduction: relevant experience, excellent computer skills, listening skills, ability to organize someone else’s day, typewriting, fitting personality for the job. It is good to mention also something from your personal life, for example some leisure time activities, trying to find a common ground with the interviewers, something that will help you stand out.

And you should avoid mentioning any plans or things that can result in common absences from work, or a prolonged absence (think maternity leave). Of course it is great having such a plans and you won’t have problems leaving the job in such a case, but before you can leave it you first have to get it 🙂,. and hence I suggest you to avoid talking about similar things and plans. Secretary is often the most important person in the office, and the manager(s) you will work for do not want to hire someone who’ll be absent for half the time. Let’s progress to sample answers.


7 sample answers to “Tell me about yourself” interview question for secretaries

  1. I’m Maria, ordinary 25 years old woman, responsible, loyal, and with a passion for office work, dreaming of having a job of a secretary in a successful company, working with interesting people and helping them make their job easier. In my free time I enjoy relaxing here on the beach in Miami, or going for a swim in the sea. As you can see on my resume, I’ve never had the same job before, but I believe in my ability to handle the workload, and to become a valuable asset of your team.
  2. Irene, 42, a professional secretary if you want. I worked in London in ABC company for over a decade, to a great satisfaction of my employer (as you can read on the recommendations they provided). But I eventually decided to return to my home country and it is the reason why I am looking for a new job with you, ready to benefit from all I’ve done in my previous role, from all the lessons I learned along the way. Is there anything else you’d like me to elaborate on when it comes to my former job, or to anything else in my life?
  3. John, 31, and maybe the only male you will interview for this job. But you should know that I typewrite faster than anyone else here, am perfectly organized in my work, and can help you take the effectiveness of work to a new level. I’ve had a job of an administrative assistant before, and while it isn’t a bad job, I’d like to have more impact in my work, and to work more closely with my manager. That’s why I hope to get a job of a secretary with you.
  4. My name is Marion, and this is my first application for a legal secretary job. I do not have much to show in terms of experience, but everyone has to start somewhere, and in terms of education I definitely meet your job requirements. What’s more, law is my favorite field, and I want to work in it for years to come, perhaps even getting promoted, or progressing to another position in the office.
  5. I do not know where to start really. So much has happened lately in my life. Broke up with my boyfriend after 7 years, experienced a burnout in my job in financial analysis, decided to move away to West coast… But past is the past and I prefer to focus on the future. Looking for a corporate job again, but with much lesser stress levels than financial analysis, and hopefully also with a better team. Anyway, I am detail-oriented, rarely make any mistakes at work, and can be the most loyal employee in the world. Confidentiality goes without saying with me. And I really hope you will give me a chance to prove my words in the job.
  6. My name is Jenifer and I have a degree from business and management, from XYZ University. I’d love to start directly in management, but that is not possible without previous experience. That’s why I decided to get in your corporation in another way–applying for a job of a secretary, and hope that once I prove my organizational and management skills in the job, I will get a chance for promotion. Now you may wonder why. The main reason is that I have heard great things about your workplace and training for new hires, and believe that I can build my career in this company for many years to come. But as I said I have to start somewhere, and job of a secretary seems like an ideal choice.
  7. I prefer my results to do the talking. After taking over the office management in my last job, I managed to decrease the overall waiting time for a response by 75%. That means that if someone waited for 4 hours before, with me onboard, and with the changes I came up with, they had to wait one hour only. Of course it wasn’t an overnight success, and I had to apply many changes and gain trust of my colleagues. But things worked, and I am ready to help you achieve similar results in your office–if you give me a chance to be your new secretary… Outside of working I enjoy going to movies with friends or running in the woods. It helps with balancing the time I spend in front of a computer screen, since when I work I always give it my 100%.

Ready to answer this one? I hope so! Do not forget to check also the full list of secretary interview questions. Thank you, and good luck in your upcoming interview!

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