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Students who did not receive any scholarshipScholarship is a beautiful thing. It allows students who weren’t so lucky in life to get some support for their studies. However, before you get this support, you have to face several tough questions.

But do not be to afraid… There is no reason for that. Schools get funds for scholarships from government. Therefore, naturally, they want to give it to someone. The problem occurs just in case there are way too many applicants for scholarship… When it is a case, your answers to scholarship interview questions decide if you get it, or not.

We tried to compose a list of several common scholarship interview questions and answers you should give. The key is to show that you are very serious about your studies and that you really need the scholarship. But you should not look like someone desperate. You should look like someone who would love to study, but needs a little support to be able to do that…


Common scholarship questions and tips on how to answer it

Question 1: Introduce yourself.
Usually interviewers know nothing, or very little, about you. They just see your scholarship application. When introducing yourself in the interview, you should mention two things: 1. Your dream to study at this college. 2. Your not so good financial situation, giving facts (but saying it gently).

Use numbers and facts. Do not play with emotions at this point. Calmly say how much your parents earn and who they support. Describe briefly, in facts, your financial situation. But do not speak about the scholarship. Just introduce yourself and describe your family situation.

Question 2: Why have you decided for this school? Why have you chosen this subject of study?
The key is to answer this question with enthusiasm in your voice, speaking about future plans and what you want to do once you finish the school. You should be future oriented in your answers. Interviewers will see that you are serious about your career and judge that you probably deserve to be supported during your studies.

Students of University sitting in a parkQuestions 3. Use of scholarship. How are you planning to use your scholarship?
This is a very common question. And you can be well prepared for it. Bring with you a breakdown of your monthly costs. How much do you pay for living, transport, food? How much do you prefer to (or need to) invest in books and further education? Simply break it down. You can even leave them the paper. And once they see you really need a scholarship, they will grant it to you.

Question 4. What makes you special to receive this scholarship?
If you are in different condition, not applying for a form of social scholarship, but for a form of “reward” scholarship, it is good to break down again why you deserve to receive the scholarship. In general, we advice you to use a paper a lot. School officers just love it. So write down all the great results or what ever is the reason you are applying for a scholarship.

Question 5: Do you plan to do anything for our college?
At the end of the day, everyone watches his own back. Schools prefer to support someone who can give something back. If you are a great athlete, the answer is easy for you. You just mention your plans to represent them on various competitions.

But if you a social case, this might be a little-more difficult. Still, you can mention your plans to organize some events for other students, or simply to do something for the local community. Try to come up with a plan. In the future, this does not have to happen, of course. No one will remember what you told once in an interview for scholarship grant…

This was a list of five most commonly used questions in an interview for scholarship. For those of you who look for a bigger list of questions, or more extensive answers, I suggest having a look at, probably the best site in this niche. We hope it will help you in your preparation. Let them know why you deserve the scholarship and you will get it. And do not forget to check out our college interview tips too, to know how to behave in your interview.

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