Indian students sit in a big lecture hall at the University. We can see more than a hundred students on the picture.Scholarship allows young people from all walks of life to pursue their studies and dreams. But not everyone will get accepted, and not everyone will pass the interview with the scholarship committee.

Most schools get funds from the government, and they want to help as many students as they can. But the money they got typically can not cover the study expenses of all applicants.

In some cases, every second applicant will get a scholarship, in some other, just one of every twenty. 
You should prepare for the interview with the committee, to improve your chances of  getting the scholarship.

The key is to show them that you are serious about your studies, and that you really need the scholarship. Our list of common questions and advice on how to answer them should help you to make a good impression.


Common scholarship questions

Question 1: Introduce yourself.
Usually interviewers know nothing, or very little about you. They have seen only your scholarship application. When introducing yourself in the interview, you should mention two things: 1. Your dream to study at the particular college. 2. Your financial situation which does not allow you to pursue your dream.

Use numbers and facts. Do not play with emotions at this point. Simply say how much your parents earn and who they have to support with their money (your other siblings, paying their own debt, etc). Describe briefly, in facts, your financial situation and why you need scholarship.

Question 2: Why have you decided for this school? Why have you chosen the particular subject of study?
Answer the question with enthusiasm in your voice, speak about your future plans and what you want to do once you graduate and earn your degree. Try to convince the interviewers that you are serious about your career choice, and won’t leave the school after a year or two.

Students of University sitting in a park, three women and one man, all of them look happy and wear casual clothesQuestions 3. How do you plan to use your scholarship?
This is a common question, and we suggest you to bring a monthly costs breakdown to the interview with you.

How much do you pay for living, transport, and food? How much do you prefer to (or need to) invest in books, and in other study material? Simply break it down to individual items, and show them why you need the scholarship. .

Question 4. What makes you special to receive our scholarship?
If you are in a different situation, not applying for any form of a social scholarship, but for a merit scholarship, you can get this question.

Try to narrate your achievements, and show them how their school can benefit from having you on board (in terms of their reputation) And do not forget to ensure them that you plan to continue with your effort to be a top notch student, scientist, or athlete.

Question 5: Do you plan to do anything for our college?
At the end of the day, everyone cares for their business. Schools prefer to support someone who can give something back, and who wants to give back. If you are a great athlete, the answer is easy. Just say you will compete in their colors, trying your best in every race or match.

If you apply for a social scholarship though, tell them that you would like to organize some events for other students, or simply do something for the local community. Try to come up with a plan, with a particular idea. You do not have to really do it afterwards–no one will remember the things you told in a scholarship interview, if you ask them a year later. But once you talk to the committee, you should do your best to convince them that you want to give back….

More questions and answers

If you would like to see more scholarship interview questions, with brilliant answers and advice, check website. It specializes only in scholarship interviews. team wishes you good luck in your interview!