Interview questions to ask an employer


What are the right questions to in the job interview, when you get a chance to give a question? And what are the questions to avoid asking the employers in the interview?

What interview questions to ask an employer would you suggestWe all know that we should ask something in the interview. It’s a best way how to show our interest in the position and in the company. The applicant that never gives a single¬† question in a job interview, is simply never chosen.

With a good question we can boost our chances of getting a job significantly. Contrariwise, with the bad one we can easily experience a moment of embarrassing silence while employer is sitting quietly, not answering our question. In this article we will try to advise you some good interview questions to ask the hiring manager in the job interview and will also mention some questions you should rather avoid asking them.


Question 1. Can you tell me something more about your company culture?

This is definitely one of the good questions to use in your interview.  Employers are proud of their companies and like to talk about the culture of the company. More for your benefit, you are showing the interest in their company asking this question. And that also counts at the end of the day.


Number 2. What are the goals of your company in five years horizon?

Again, this is one of great questions to ask the employers. Every good company has its goals, so you do not have to be worried asking this question. And people like to speak about their goals, senior executives especially. You can then evolve the discussion saying how you could help them to achieve these goals. That would be perfect, wouldn’t it? As you can see, there are different good questions to ask the employers in a job interview.


Question 3. What have been the biggest achievements of your company so far?

This is a tricky question. If you are applying for a job in a new company, or company that is having a tough times, employer may suddenly feel embarrassed. On the other hand, if you checked it on the internet before and discovered that company has some great achievements, it would be one of the best interview questions to ask an employer. Especially, if the person doing the job interview with you has a credit on these achievements. You are building a great relation with him, just by asking the question. Isn’t that fantastic?


Number 4. Tell me something about my colleagues.

This is a tricky question again. If you are fifty years old and the current team consists of guys in their twenties, you will just draw attention of the employer to the fact that you do not suit this collective perfectly… Always rather ask about the company culture, that’s safer question.


Question 5. What about your family, and the kid?

Believe or not, some people (especially those coming from Arabic background) ask the employers these kind of questions about family and kids. But let’s face it: It’s definitely not one of suitable questions to ask in a job interview, if you are applying for the job in the US or in Europe. You can speak about families and hobbies with your employer later, once you are enjoying a team-building holiday together. In the job interview, try to rather avoid such questions…


Question 6. What salary package do you offer to successful candidate?

Remember the following sentences:

Best candidate never asks about salary package. He knows once the employer sees the real value of employing him, the appropriate package will be offered, for sure (citation from I Will Get a Job digital recording).

Definitely, it’s not a good idea to ask about the salary package. Once they like you, they will start speaking about it by themselves!

Note that you are hired

Number 7. What is the next step of the selection process?

This is much better question than the one with the salary package. You can ask it at the end of the interview. Asking it you show once again your real interest for this particular position and clearly give an employer the sign, that you still want the job after the interview.


Question 8. I read an article in e.g. Time, about you speaking on that conference in… Can you tell me something more about…?”

This is one of the magical  questions to ask employers in a job interview. More or less we all are people. And we all like the interest of the others. If you can check some articles or even blogs of your interviewer, do it definitely. You can be 100% sure that the interviewer knows about it and 110% sure s/he is proud of it. Such question can win you many extra points in the job interviews.

So that’s it. Do not be afraid of asking the questions in the job interview. Choose the right interview questions to ask an employer and they can easily win you a great job. Good luck!

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