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Gantt charts in ExcelJob of project manager is definitely one of the most exciting jobs you can have. Good project managers are highly intelligent and acknowledged professionals, that know how to deal effectively with both money and people.

While applying for this job, you will be confronted with variety of targeted interview questions. These questions will not be theoretic, but highly practical, touching various aspects of your project management philosophy and approaches. After reading the following list, you can understand better what project management interview is all about and be so better prepared for it. So, here is the list:


Common project management interview questions and answers

Question one: The goal is to open a new branch of specialized consultancy company in Paris and start the full operation in three months time. You are responsible for the project and for achieving the goal. Define the main steps you will take.
Answer: As a good project manager, you should always consider two variables in the beginning: Resources and time. Try to simply define the main steps connected to establishing a new company in a new market. Define the order of these steps, and who should be responsible for achieving them, and how can they be done in time (Gantt chart). You can then build up your answer from this point.

Question two: Imagine you are responsible for deployment of a complete solution on client’s side. But, you are far behind the schedule, because one certain task – the designing of the solution, has not been completed yet. How would you proceed?

Answer: As a good project manager you should know that if some task need to be completed in order to move forward, it’s important to give it the highest priority. That’s why you would probably move all the resources here or even exceed the budget a little, just to ensure the task is completed and the project can continue.

Question three: You should locate two nuclear energy scientists in Iran, country where you have never been before and you have no connections in at all. You should arrange visa for these scientists and make them interested in working in an international team, located in US. How would you proceed in this project? What project team members will you choose and why?

Answer: Again, you should plan your progress step by step, and ensure about the budget you can use. Definitely you should incorporate in your project people that have the right connections in Iran, or at least knowledge about the local market. From this point, you can start constructing your answer.

Question four: Can you define four key abilities of a great project manager?
Answer: Interviewers are asking these sort of project management interview questions for a simple reason: People usually mention their own character abilities. Anyway, a good PM should be a real decision maker, have strong analytical skills, posses a variety of soft skills and an ability to work under stress.


It is hard to give you exact interview questions and answers for project management here. It is, becasue they will be highly targeted and nearly always practical. Another fact is that each of us has different project management philosophy, and will so proceed differently in every project.

Anyway, the key to succeed in the project management interview is to present this philosophy you have and be able to use it effectively and logically in various types of projects. We wish you good luck!

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