Project manager is one of the most exciting roles you can have.
While applying for this job, you will have to deal with a mix of behavioral and technical questions in an interview. Typically you won’t compete with many other job seekers, but you will still have to demonstrate your skills and readiness for the job.

While some of the questions will examine your attitude and behavior in various work related situations, other questions will be more practical, and you will have to demonstrate your project management skills while answering them. Let’s have a look at some sample questions.


Common practical (technical) and behavioral questions for project managers

Question: Your goal is to open a new branch of a company in Paris, and start the operations in three months from now. You are responsible for the project and for achieving the goal. Define the main steps you will take in the project.

Answer: You should always consider resources and time, and do not hesitate to ask the interviewers about the budget for the project. Try to define the main steps you would take, the project milestones, and how they can be carried out simultaneously (Gantt chart). Elaborate on your answer with an explanation of potential threats and challenges you may face in the project.

Question: Imagine that you were responsible for deployment of a complete solution (ERP) on client’s side. But you were far behind the schedule, because the designers had not completed their work yet. How would you proceed?

Answer:  You can say that you would allocate all resources to the team of designers, to ensure their task would be completed as quickly as possible, and other people would be able to proceed with their work in the project.

Question: You should recruit two scientists in India, a country where you have never been before, and you have no connections there. You should arrange visa for them and try to make them interested in working in an international team of researchers that is based in the United States. How would you proceed with the project?

Answer: You should once again suggest the steps you would take. You can tell the interviewers that you would engage other people in the team, people who have knowledge of the local market, and connections in India. From this point, you can start talking about the recruitment process.


Technical questions depend on the projects you will manage

We tried to outline some scenarios, but the exact technical questions you will get depend on the position you try to get, on the projects you will manage in job. It can be deployment of big IT solutions, you can manage recruitment projects, or it be anything else…

The situation differs with behavioral questions (the questions the examine your attitude to various work-related situations). These questions will be similar in every interview, becasue people deal with similar situations in work, regardless of their job (conflict with a colleague, meeting a tight deadline, experiencing setbacks, etc). You can see the list of fifteen most common behavioral questions in this article.

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