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Physical therapist taking care of a childPhysical therapy job interview is about two things:

  • 1. Interviewers try to find out what therapy methods you can handle and what your real experience with physical therapy is.
  • 2. Interviewers try to learn more about your personality, in order to see if you have the right ingredients for this job inside of you.

Physical therapy is trendy nowadays. New rehabilitation centers are opening every year in different parts of the world. It’s in fact a very good job with an exceptional salary, especially in some Arabic and Eastern European countries. The general requirements (which are also tested in an interview) are:

  1. Diploma from physical therapy or ergo therapy
  2. Some experience (* only if you apply for a job abroad)
  3. Good knowledge of therapy methods
  4. Good communication skills, ability to work with patients
  5. Right personality for the job

To test all of these, interviewers use a set of interview questions for physical therapist. Let me give you a list of these questions now. I recommend you to think about each question for a while and to try to find the right answer. Good luck! You can find some tips in the brackets


  • Why do you want to work as a physical therapist? (focus on your motivation to help the others, this jo should inspire you)
  • Can you tell me something more about your education? (focus on practical part also, do not hesitate to talk in specialized terms and use scientific expressions)
  • Can you tell me something more about your experience? (try to talk in detail about the physical methods you have used and types of patients you worked with)
  • What is your general opinion about people living in the US? (It is important to give a positive response to this question, naming some good traits, not the negative one)
  • What kind of therapy are you able to provide? (just name it and also mention that you have already done it in the past and that the clients were satisfied)
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? (good strengths for this job are responsibility, attention to detail, communications skills. From weaknesses, you can mention being over friendly with patients or being too emotional in work sometimes)
  • What are the latest trends in physical therapy? (physical therapy is evolving a lot all the time. As a good applicant for the job, you should have a look at some trends before an interview and speak about it later.)
  • What do you see yourself in five years time? (There’s not too much of a space for career growth in a position of physical therapist. Therefor, you should say that you simply would love to have this job as it is what you want to do in your life.)
  • What would you do if a customer(patient) accuses you of a bad service? (This is a difficult question. first of all, you should say that you do your very best all the time to ensure the best possible quality of your service. But if it happens anyway, I suggest you to say that you would try to communicate and understand his point of view and solve it)


Those are the most commonly used questions. However, please remember that your personality also matters a lot in this interview. You should smile, keep an eye contact with the interviewers, speak with enthusiasm about your job, etc. That’s the way how to convince the employer about your suitability for this type of a job and end up being hired. I wish you good luck in the interview!

PS: If you are still not sure how to convince the employer, have a look at some more unique interview tips.

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