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Concerned woman is preparing for personal interview questionsIn the job interview, they have different goals. Among many others, interviewer will probably give you also several personal interview questions, to find out more about your personal life and your personality.

Honestly, good recruiter is able to figure most of the needed info without asking you any of these questions. But s/he will use it anyway, to see if you are able to asses your own abilities.

Also the interviewer tries to understand what picture you have about yourself. It is a very important fact for the employer.

Therefor, when answering any kind of personal interview questions, you should stay absolutely honest and tell what you really think. Let’s have a look at few most commonly used questions, so you can be better prepared for it in an interview.

Question 1. If you shall characterize yourself as a person in one sentence, what would you say about yourself?

This is often one of the first questions you may get in the interview. When answering it, try to really use just one sentence to demonstrate your ability to listen and to speak to the point. In your answer, you should try to mention few positive work related abilities. You may say that you are a really reliable person, patient, hardworking, and so on… But do not forget to tell only the truth at this point.


2. What do you consider as your biggest strengths?

A good job candidate, and it doesn’t matter what kind of job we speak about, should be aware of his strengths. This does not mean to make from you a kind of superhero or something like that. It simply means to name two or three abilities, again work related. Ideally you should pick some that should be beneficial for a particular job you are just interviewed for. You can use a job description as a hint when preparing for this interview question about strengths. Desired abilities are usually mentioned there, so you just need to find a match.


3. If you could improve two qualities of yourself, what would it be?

This one of personal interview questions can be asked in many different ways. Recruiter can be questioning directly your weaknesses, or s/he may stand the question like is mentioned above. Anyway, this question is so popular, that we devoted whole article to it. Just have a look at weakness interview question post, to find out how to deal with it.

These are in fact the three most commonly used questions touching your personality you can get in any job interview. The best thing you can do is to prepare yourself for it, prior to the interview. Just think about your character, positives and negatives from a perspective of an employer and get ready for the mentioned personal interview questions. If you are not sure, you can ask your friends to help you to evaluate yourself. A good friend should do this for you…

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