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Most students do not have to be interviewed once they are applying for a place on a college. However, in many developed countries around the world, nurses are one of the exceptions. That’s why we gathered this list of interview questions, so you can prepare better and ensure yourself to do your best to get your place at the nursing school.

Right personality for the nursing job is the key in the interview

But before you start getting through the question, you should realize one thing. The key to succeed is to present you in the interview as someone with ideal personality for the position of a nurse. It’s a school interview, so they do not expect from you to know to do the nursing job, and the nursing school interview questions will most probably be not related to this.

Interviewer is asking nursing school interview questions They simply try to locate potential nurses who take their employment more as a mission and know why they chose this career. On the other hand, you will do a regular practice as a nursing school student, that’s why they may question you about several work related situations. But again, their intention will mostly be to understand if you have the right personality for this occupation.
And what is that personality – Well, for sure responsible, patient, communicative being. What more, you should have love for people, an ability to listen and an ability to calm down the others – it will be needed sometimes in your job.

So, you say that you have the right personality for the nurse? That is perfect! Let’s have a look at the questions:


List of most common nursing school interview questions.

(If you have the right personality, you should know the answers )

1. Why did you choose the career of a nurse?

2. What motivates you to do this job?

3. Why did you choose our college?

4. What are your core values?

5. Nursing job can be quite a repetitive work. What will motivate you in your job?

6. Imagine a patient is desperate and thinks he will die. You are on a night shift and he is crying. What will you do to help him?

7. What do you think is most challenging in the nursing job?

8. If you shall name three key abilities of a great nurse. What would it be?

9. We have quite a lot applicants here for this nursing program. Why do you think we should choose you?

10. Do you have any role model?

11. Do you have any personal experiences with nurses from the past? Can you define this experience?

12. Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

So, these are the most common interview questions used at nursing school. Anyway, the key to succeed is to present yourself as an ideal nursing applicant (with the right personality) and give honest answers. Good luck and we hope you will succeed!

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