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Good nanny succeeded in nanny interview questionsNanny is a very nice part time or full time job, if you have the right personality for it. And exactly the personality is what your potential “employer” tries to asses when interviewing you.

Your patience, level of responsibility, love to children and other soft skills and abilities are tested. Not only your responds to nanny interview questions, but also your presence in the interview and non-verbal communication is deeply observed.

You should be careful to not overdo it with preparation for specific questions. Important is also to have a good sleep before the interview, come on time, with smile on your face and love in your heart. Anyway, here is the list of some commonly used nanny interview questions.


List of questions used in nanny interview (and short answers)

Question 1: On what days and at what times are you available?
Answer: For sure double check the requirements in the advertisement and be sure to mention that you are available at all the needed times and dates. This is demonstration of your real interest for the particular nanny job.

Question 2: What experience do you have with in taking care of children.
Answer: Mention all related experiences, and do not forget to declare both parents’ and children’ satisfaction with your job. If you have any references from your previous nanny jobs, for sure bring them with you.

Question 3: What do you like to do in your spare time?
Answer: Asking this sort of seemingly unrelated questions, your potential employer (mother of the child) wants to check if you are not someone who will do parties in their home or leave the child alone. To say that you like to spend time in the park or reading or playing with children is just a perfect answer. Just not mention any hanging out or parties and you should be fine.

Question 4: What do you think a typical day with a 3 years old (5,7,10 years old, depending on the actual age of the child) looks like?
Answer: Answering these sort of nanny interview questions, the key is t mention mainly the duties you should do, not the pleasant relaxing activities. Mention to serve/cook food for the child, take care of his home work , etc.

Question 5: Can you perform light house keeping/cooking?
Answer: Well, you should be honest here. If you believe that to do house keeping duties would lower your main performance as a nanny, say that. And if you are not a good cook, say that also. You will avoid any misunderstandings in the future, and show that you are a honest girl.


These were the most commonly used questions when selecting a nanny. Anyway, you should always try to be positive about your job and enthusiastic about every activity connected to doing your work. Come nicely dressed, and present yourself as patient and responsible individual, with total love for children, and no love for late night visits/parties. Combined with presented answers to nanny interview questions, you should be chosen. We wish you all the best.

PS: Have a look also at some general job interview preparation tips, to be really ready for your nanny interview.

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