Job of a mechanical engineer is a thrilling role for anyone who likes use math and physic principles while designing a product with specific function. While some people may never understand how someone can apply for this sort of job, some other will be happy to find our article with interview questions for mechanical engineers. Without too much of a talk, let’s have a look at some questions that are typically used in this for of interview.


1. Typical interview questions

Similarly to any other interview, also this one will start with some simple introductory questions, such as:

  • Can you tell me something about yourself? (Speak about your experience, background, education and love for mechanical engineering.)
  • Why do you want to become a mechanical engineer? (Focus on your motivation, passion for this job and also personal belief that you can be a good one.)
  • What are your career goals? (There’s not too much of a room for promotion in this position. You should simply say that you would like to work as a mechanical engineer and develop your experience in this field further.)

2. Behavioral questions

Interviewers will ask you about some situations from the past, in order to evaluate your real level of experience, as well as to predict your behavior in various work-related situations in the future. You can expect the following questions:

  • What do you consider as your biggest achievement as mechanical engineer? (Speak about something unique, not something everyone did.)
  • Describe a situation when you failed to accomplish a task in your job. (Be honest. Even if you always accomplished your task, speak about one with that you struggled.)
  • Tell me about a situation when you used your mechanical engineering skills outside of work.
  • Describe a situation when you were under stress in work. (Pick a situation when stress did not affect your working performance.)


3. Technical questions

Obviously, mechanical engineering is a technical field. Therefor you can expect to get plenty of technical questions. Let’s have a look at a list:

  • What are the different types of fits used in the United States?
  • What computer programs do you use in your work?
  • What are the points that should be kept in mind during forging design?
  • What kind of materials should be used for shafts manufacturing?
  • Can you describe different types of springs and what each type is used for?
  • What is an advantage of hydraulic brake when compared to mechanical break and electric brake?
  • What type of bearings do you prefer to use and why?
  • Can you explain the advantages of Cycloidal and Involute gears?
  • Have you ever worked with torque?
  • Why diesel engine called as high torque and petrol engine as high speed engine?
  • Are you able to the advantages of projectile motion, when compared to rocket motion?
  • Between steel copper and brass,which conduct faster heat.
  • If your project is to make a car. How would you progress from the scratch?


Needless to say, there can be hundreds of technical questions. Nobody can answer all of it… As a good applicant, you should always have your point of view on the problem. however, if you can not answer one of the technical questions in your interview, just say that you have no experience with it. Good Luck in your interview!