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LoadRunner as other great automated performance and testing product from HP is commonly used by countless organizations all around the world.

Managers need guys who can not only work with and administrate LoadRunner, but also utilize this product to bring real measurable results. LoadRunner interview questions are the method they use to test if YOU are the right guy for this job, or if they have to look for somebody else. We put together a list of common LoadRunner interview questions to help you get ready for this difficult test and improve your chances of being chosen at the end of interviewing session. Enjoy!


HP LoadRunner interview questions for practice

What is LoadRunner?
LoadRunner is a software used in various organizations for examining system behavior and performance. It is able to simulate the situation when hundreds of thousands of users use the application at the same time, while collecting key information from infrastructure components like servers. After you can analyze the results in detail to find the areas for improvement or limitations of an application.

What for is Virtual User Generator used?
It is used to simulate steps of real human visitor, but can also generate scripts for debugging.

Define parametrization and when it is used.
Parametrization is a process of replacing recorded values in a script with certain parameters. It is used mainly in the following cases:

  • when application needs some unique data – like user email address
  • data cache
  • data constraints
  • data dependency

What is the task of the Controller in LoadRunner?
Controller manages and maintains all the scenarios that are run at the moment. It allows monitoring the network and server resources.

Is it possible to use LoadRunner in the Cloud?
From 2011 it should be possible, and this software should be available via Amazon EC Cloud.

So these were some common and some tricky LoadRunner interview questions and answers.  For better practice, let us add several more LoadRunner interview questions, but without the answers this time.

It’s up to you to tell the answer or find it online. Doing it this way, you will remember more information and it will help you in the long run.

  • Can you define performance testing?
  • What component of LoadRunner is used to record a script?
  • What is a “scenario” when we speak about working with LoadRunner?
  • What is the main meaning of creating parameters?
  • Is there any way to debug a script generated by LoadRunner?
  • Have you ever heard about Ramp up?
  • What is the relation between Response Time and Throughput?
  • Define the threshold. How can you change it and what is the default value for it?
  • Define the extended log and when it is used.
  • What is automatic correlation and for what purposes it is used? How can you set the parameters of it?

LoadRunner interview questions will put you under real test of knowledge. No way to pass the job interview without having real experience with the software. So if you were not able to answer the Loadrunner interview questions from this post, you would have to practice a bit more with the software.

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