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light bulb representing good ideasIn nearly every single job interview, you will compete with many well-prepared job seekers. In current tough economic climate, you should know something others do not know, in order to improve your chances of getting a job. Reading this article should improve your chances of being chosen at the end of the interview, as you will learn some unique tips. Enjoy!

To speak honestly, not the most experienced, or the most skilled, job seekers get the best. You should already know it from your own experience… Usually, the guy who deals with the job interview questions in a best way, guy who tackles all the challenges and overcome troubles gets a job at the end of the selection process. You can be this guy, but you need to understand crucial job interview tips and improve your presence in an interview.  So, let’s have a look at the tips!


Unique tips for clever job seekers

Job interview is a sales talk

It does not matter what kind of job you apply for. In an interview, you are selling yourself. Interviewers are potential customers. They think about you in this way:


Would hiring this guy be a good move for our company? Is the price we have to pay for it every month worth purchasing his labor? Is this product (candidate) better than the other products (candidates) being offered to us today?


This is the way they look at you and other applicants, doesn’t matter if they realize it consciously or not. So, similarly to any other sales pitch, you have to convince the potential customers that your product (meaning yourself) is worth to buy. If you do not do so, they will not buy it (won’t hire you)…

Employers are looking for the benefits, not for the features. For this reason, you should talk about benefits your experience and skills can bring to the employer. It seems similar, features and benefits, but the difference is amazing. Let’s have a look at the following examples. You should understand the difference after reading it:


Question: Tell me something about your experience.


Answer 1.: I have worked at ABC Corp. on the position of marketing manager for the past five years.


Answer 2.: I have had a job of a marketing manager at ABC Corp. for the past five years. I learned how to position various products on the market, as well as how to lead successful marketing campaigns. I can use this experience in your company too, to improve the overall results of marketing department.


So, can you see the difference between the first and the second answer? This difference is that in the second answer, you talk not only about what you did in the past, but also about what it means for the employer. And that’s exactly the benefit they need to know to decide to hire you. Sales talk… remember that.


You are in the room for the employers, not contrariwise

World is full of selfish people, it doesn’t matter if you agree or not. But companies do not like to hire selfish people… Therefor you should always remember:

If you play be Mr. important in an interview, you will not end up being Mr. Employed.

Recruiters meet this sort of over-confident job seekers that think about their career only every single day… You know these guys, don’t you? They always have dozens of other job offers on the table, give more questions than we ask them, want to speak all the time… They arrive ten minutes late to every interview,  just to show how busy and important they are. And on the top of everything, they actually believe we will like this behavior and hire them… how ridiculous is that…

Honestly, this is not the way to get a job in an interview.


Oppositely, the key is to be humble. You should pay attention to the interviewers in every moment, you should show respect and let them lead the interview. Try to speak to the point and be humble in your expectations. It is much better to build you rapport on your presence and skills, not on the empty selfish talk… Remember it, act according to it and get a job.


Extra efforts bring extra results

Do you know how many job seekers bring some references to the interview? Or how many bring their working portfolio? From every ten job seekers, just one person does this!

Things you do before an interview always reflect your interest to get a job. You should prepare something extra, in order to strengthen your chances of being chosen. Basic interview portfolio, or even some suggestions for the recruiters are good. You can not fool the law of action and reaction. Do more than the other job seekers do and you will get more than the others get at the end of an interview…


But, will you go an extra mile? Just few readers will do it. Will you belong to this group of successful people? We can not compose the working portfolio for you, we can not call your past employers to ask for written references! Only you can do this and decide about your success. Will you do it?


Be who you are, as Nietzsche said

We meet dozens of job seekers every week and read hundreds of resumes. Many of these guys try to pretend to be better as they really are. Teenagers pretend to be older and men in their fifties pretend to be younger. It is silly, isn’t it?

If you are a teenager, or in your fifties already, there is nothing you can do about that. It’s a fact.


And if you have no relevant experience, it is better to admit it and say you are eager to learn and work hard, than to pretend that you know everything already and are the king…

Recruiters are clever people, at least most of the time… You should not try to fool them, even if some other websites advice you to try it.

Honesty is rare nowadays and it will get only worse. Show it in the job interview and the recruiters will love you.


Believe into yourself

There is a value in people like you. You just have to believe it and show it to the employer. Even if you failed in fifty interviews before, you still can succeed. The failures from the past have nothing to do with your chances of succeeding this time. We are hundred percent sure that there are employers who are searching for someone like you!

You just have to believe it, use the previously presented job interview tips and get a job. Believe it and get it. We know you are capable of that. But, do you believe that???

P.S. This is just the top of an iceberg. If you really want to stand out from the crowd and impress your recruiters, you should have a look at I Will Get a Job Recording, an audio full of unique and secret interview tips and use it to outclass all the other applicants.  Thank you for checking it out here!

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