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So you are choosing employees but are not sure what interview questions to ask candidates? If fact it will be a mistake to use some template other company uses. If you inspire yourself with the list of questions that some of your competitors use, it might not be the worst technique.

But for sure avoid using the typical interview questions. These questions tell you very little about the candidate.

Once you think what interview questions to ask candidate, think firstly about who you are looking for and what shall he do in work. Make a list of the working duties, and try to match them with the abilities and skills one needs. Before you even start to think about interview questions to ask candidates, you have to fully understand who the ideal candidate for the job is.

Should he be patient, detail oriented? Or rather a leading personality, a visionary? Someone who just listens to orders and does exactly what the boss tells him to do, or someone who is able to work independently and like to decide by him self.

Once you have such a profile of ideal candidate, you should cut it to pieces, and try to create some question to test each of the abilities of the candidate. For example if you are looking for someone creative, the best test is to give him a certain task, pen and paper, and let him to describe how he would solve the task.

And if you are looking for a detail oriented person, you can bring some company documentation, give him some time to read it and find places for improvements. That’s the way how to understand if he has the ability inside of him or not.

You can not ask just if he is detail oriented or not. Most people do not know themselves very well.. You have to test them using a set of practical case studies and exercises. That is the best form of interview questions to ask candidates.

If you have planned a longer interview session with each applicant, do not hesitate to use also some IQ tests or psychometric tests. These tests might look complicated to you. However, for few hundred bucks you can buy the test with very detailed and easy to understand description how to understand the results.

You really should approach your interviews carefully. Choosing the right interview questions to ask the candidates is just part of your work. Do not forget to prepare also some nice presentation of the company and the role you offer.

At the end of the interview, also candidate has to say “yes” to the offer, not only you. We hope you can manage to do that and will choose the right guy in your interviews using appropriate interview questions to ask candidates. Good luck!

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