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Icon representing informational interview questionsInformational interview questions should reflect the main purpose of informational interview – to find out as much information about the company and the position as possible. You should inquire not only about working duties and company culture, but also try to gather some information regarding how to get a job in the company.

Of course, you should approach this carefully and indirectly in your informational interview questions. If you start to speak about getting a job directly, certainly you’ll get everything but the information you need to know.


We prepared a list of good informational interview questions for you. Using the list, you will not make feeling the person you speak to uncomfortable and at the same time you should gain all the valuable information. Use the list for your purposes:


Good informational interview questions to ask

  • Question 1: Thank you for finding few minutes for me. My first question is what do you like the most about the company?
  • Question 2: Where did you started to work on the company and how it happened?
  • Question 3: What was most motivating for you to accept the job? Has this changed since?
  • Question 4: Can you tell me something about future vision of your company?


  • Question 5: Really thank you for answering my informational interview questions. Can you tell me something more about your current recruitment needs?
  • Question 6: That is interesting. I have heard you have a very good interviewing process in your company. Can you tell me something more about it?
  • Question 7: What qualities do you think someone needs to be able to make such a great career in this company as you have made?

This list of informational interview questions should be sufficient for you. Do not forget to bring the list printed with you to the informational interview. Also, bring pen and make notes. The other person must feel that you are really interested in the things he is speaking about.


Man introducing himself in informational interviewIt will help you to get him in the right emotional state to tell you as much as possible. What more, he might like you so much that he gives you some offer or invites you for interview, immediately.

You never know what could happen once you give the right informational interview questions and show the enthusiasm and interest for what the other person is saying.

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