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Ask some desktop support interview questionsDesktop support interview questions represent a majority part of a job interview for this position.
However, you can expect also few ability targeted interview questions, case studies done on a computer and potentially also other threats,  such as most common interview questions.

Anyway, you have to be expert in desktop support in order to have any chance of getting the job, doesn’t matter how good your interview preparation will be. That’s why we have composed the following list of our practical interview questions you can get, so you can test your knowledge before the interview and potentially mock the answers. Good luck!


Test yourself! Practical questions for desktop support interview

  • Question 1: Imagine you should install the same operating system in 100 computers at the same time, when all the computers have the same configuration. Define the main steps you will undertake to successfuly finish your installation.
  • Question 2: One of the users calls you complaining that his computer is extremely slow. Define the proces of troubleshooting in this case, step after step.
  • Question 3: Imagine there is network of 20 computers and you should add new user to it. How will you proceed?
  • Question 4: You have the administrator account and one of the users forgot his password. How would you reset his password? Try to describe step by step.
  • Question 5: One of the users complaints that every time she runs Internet Explorer, it says it can not load the homepage because virus was detected. How would you handle this task?
  • Question 6: Is it possible to disable firewall in Windows 7? If yes, how can you do it?
  • Question 7: One of client’s PCs is needed a reinstall. But you need to back up all received emails in Outlook. How would you do it?
  • Question 8: Can you name desktop icons in Windows XP larger? If yes, how would you do this?
  • Question 9: What is the command prompt to set an IP adress of user’s computer?
  • Question 10: What would you do to secure Windows server files in case of need of some dangerous operation?
  • Question 11: Define the steps of installing a pre existed printer on users desktop.
  • Question 12: Imagine you can not boot your Windows XP, because some files are missing. How would you proceed in this case?
  • Question 13: How would you create .pst in the client’s system?


As you can see, in every good interview, tough questions will represent in fact problem solving tasks. As a good desktop support worker, you should be able to analyze the problem and solve it step by step. We hope that our list helped you in your preparation. And if you do not find it sufficient, will help you with brilliant answers to these questions.

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