Ask some desktop support interview questions

The interviewers will ask you a couple of screening interview questions, to understand your motivation, the reasons why you chose their company, your goals, and your communication skills.

This is a nice and easy start of an interview, that will be followed by some behavioral questions. Your answers to them help the interviewers to understand your attitude to various work-related situations and problems.

The most important questions are practical questions (the third part of your interview), since your answers to them show your readiness for the job. Test yourself with the following selection:

Practical questions for desktop support interview

  • Question 1: Your task is to install the same operating system to two dozen computers. All of them have the same configuration. Define the main steps you will take to carry out the installation as quickly as possible.
  • Question 2: One of the users calls you complaining that their computer is extremely slow. Define the process of troubleshooting, step by step.

    Busy discussion before an interview

  • Question 3: Imagine there is network of 20 computers and your task is to add a new user to the network. How will you proceed?
  • Question 4: You have the administrator account and one of the users forgot their password. How would you reset their password? Try to describe it step by step.
  • Question 5: One of the users complaints that every time they run Internet Explorer, it says it can not load the homepage because virus was detected. How would you troubleshoot this particular problem?
  • Question 6: Is it possible to disable firewall in Windows 10? If yes, how can you do it?
  • Question 7: One of client’s PCs needs a reinstall. But you need to back up all received emails in Outlook. How would you do that?
  • Question 8: Can you make the desktop icons in Windows 10 larger?
  • Question 9: What is the command prompt to check an IP address of a computer?
  • Question 10: What would you do to secure Windows server files in case you needed to conduct an operation that can result in losing the files?
  • Question 11: Define the steps of installing a printer on user’s desktop.
  • Question 12: You can not boot your Windows 10, because some files are missing. What will you do?
  • Question 13: How would you create .pst in the client’s system?


Success or failure in this interview depends on several things:

  • Your answers to technical questions
  • The number of people who compete with you for the job, and their qualities
  • Your answers to screening and behavioral questions
  • Whether you can convince the interviewers of the value you can bring to their team.

If you would like to learn how to ace each part of your interview process, have a look at our Interview Success Package. Alternatively you can check the following articles: