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Illustration of career changeThere comes a moment in life of everyone of us when we start to think about changing career. Sometimes we simply realize that what we are not doing in our life something that makes us satisfied…

If you have such a feeling, do not be afraid. According to statistics, vast majority of American citizens change their career at least twice in life.

However, it can be a very difficult process, especially if you have worked in certain field for more than five years. Also, if you are graduated from medicine, to change your career for law is not possible, at least not from day to day. You should definitely open your eyes and ask yourself few questions once you start to think about making this important change in your life.


1. Do you really need a career change? Sometimes people try to solve problems without understanding the real fundamental of a problem. There are many reasons why you can feel unsatisfied with your life. Work is just one aspect of life. You have your personal life, your spiritual life, you have many other aspects of your daily living. Sometimes people think too radically and than regret their decision. Please, think about your life carefully to see if changing career is really the best solution in your situation.

Think twice if it is necessary to change something, before you start making it happen. Always try to think about yourself in a new role. Imagine, how your normal day is going to look like. Would it be better as it is now? Think about it…

2. Are you in a position to make a career change? Not every one of us is in position to change even his job, not to speak about changing entire direction of life. If there are just four years to retirement left, will it really make sense to change your career?

Or maybe your kids are just studying at the college and need your support. With new field, the decrease of personal income is always connected. Can you risk it at the moment?


Once you took clear decision to change your career, it is good to understand what you have to do to achieve your goal smoothly and successfully.

  • Are there any soft skills you need to improve, in order to make a smooth transition to your new role?
  • Do you need any additional education?
  • Isn’t it possible to make a transition internally, in your current company? (Also hospitals have their law and economic departments.)
  • How would the switch affect your income and family, and how do you plan to handle that?
  • What specific steps you have to take in order to change your career successfully? (Finding the right role, applying for it, preparing for it, starting it, etc…)


Once you have answered the questions, you should prepare a plan of action. Just follow the plan step by step, use advice of your friends and from the internet and enjoy a new career. We hope it will make you satisfied and happy in your daily life!

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