Bank teller interview questions


Man in the bankLike in any other business, the factor of bank customer satisfaction determines if the bank will be successful on the market or not. Having a job of a bank teller, you represent the front line and are responsible for the communication with the customer. It’s a nice job, that is true. But it is not an easy one.

Before we supply you with a list of bank teller interview questions and answers, we want to remind you few things. As a bank teller you do not need any special education. High school diploma will bu sufficient most of the time. Also, all the banks have their own trainee program where they prepare you completely for the job.

So what does this all mean to you? If you think about it for the moment, you’ll figure out that in these kind of jobs (no education required, training provided), personality of an applicant is extremely important. When answering these bank teller interview questions, you should always present yourself like an ideal bank teller, with all his abilities.

And what are these abilities and how to present them? This is actually a good question. Maybe this will surprise you, but you need to have something inside of you to be able to get this job. Anyway, a friendly personality, good communication skills and certain level of charisma are beneficial for every bank teller and the interviewers examine these.

To improve your chances of getting a job, always come to the interview in a best mood possible, full of energy. What more, show them that you have an ability to listen closely to the needs of the customers (by listening closely to them), ability to concentrate (by concentrating strongly in the interview) and finally, that you like to be with and talk to people (by keeping eye contact, smiling, etc.).

Behaving this way, you present yourself as an ideal bank teller, what is even more important than your answers to bank teller interview questions. Think about it for a while, it makes sense. Anyway, to enhance your preparation even more, check out some of the typical bank teller interview questions now.


Bank teller interview questions used in the interviews commonly

Why do you think you a right person for this job?
I know, we started with the difficult one. However, after understanding the principles in the first part of this article, you should have no problems to find the solution to this question. Mentioning that you really like to communicate with people and solving the problems, and that customer satisfaction is your passion is a good answer. To state that this job is highly motivating for you and keeps you satisfied and happy in life is also a good one. As a third alternative, which will for sure make the interviewers happy, you can mention that you strongly believe that with your communication skills and friendly approach to people you can improve the customer satisfaction and the overall image of the bank.

Why have you chosen our bank?
This is actually a question that could be easily answered. Just mention that you like the culture of the bank and the way the bank tellers are approaching people. If you are a client of this bank already, do not forget to mention it. Lastly but not last, you can pinpoint several products of the bank you really feel are good for the customers.

Building of one of American banksHow would you convince the potential customer to take a loan from our bank? (or open an account, or other operation)
These sort of bank teller interview questions can be asked in two ways. It can be either a question, or (and more commonly) a role play exercise where you represent the bank teller and interviewer represents the client. The best way or handle this task is to examine the needs of the client and then show him exactly, how the product of the bank can satisfy his needs. It’s not easy, I know. But once you practice it with a friend for few minutes, you shoudl be ready for this task. To improve your presentation even more, you can name some specific features and benefits of the product when compared to the competition. PS: Do not forget to keep eye contact and stay calm and smiley all the time.

What are your salary expectations in this position?
If this question comes, it is actually positive sign. If they did not like your application, they would not ask you this type of question. Anyway, it is probably not a huge surprise for you, that the salaries on bank teller positions are not the highest one. Answering the question, do not forget to stress that the job itself, not the salary, is the primary motivation for you. To say that you are ready to go along the salary tables in the bank (and believe me, nearly all the bank have these tables), is probably the best option. Do not be afraid. Once you prove your abilities, there is always a room for promotion in banks.
We hope that the article with bank teller interview questions helps you to be better prepared for the interview. If you want to learn even more, you can check customer service interview questions, or browse freely.

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