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Man in the bankLike in any other business, customer satisfaction determines if the bank is successful, or not. As a bank teller, you represent the front line and are responsible for the communication with the customers. It’s a nice job, but it is not an easy one. It’s a responsibility…

Before we supply you with a list of bank teller interview questions and answers, we want to remind you few things. As a bank teller you do not need any special education. High school diploma is sufficient. Also, all the banks have their own training program. They will prepare you for the job perfectly.

And what does it all mean to you? If you think about it for a moment, you’ll figure out that in these kind of jobs (no education required, training provided), personality of an applicant is extremely important. Therefore, you should always present yourself like a good teller, with all that belongs to it.

And what belongs to it? This is actually a good question. Maybe it will surprise you, but you need to have something inside of you to be able to get this job. A friendly personality, good communication skills and certain level of charisma are necessary for every good teller and the interviewers know it.

To improve your chances of getting a job, you should always come to the interview in a good mood, full of energy. What more, show them that you have an ability to listen to the needs of the customers (by listening closely to them), ability to concentrate (by being focused in the interview) and finally, that you like to be with, and talk to, people (by keeping eye contact, smiling, etc.).

Behaving in this way, you present yourself as someone with an ideal personality for a teller job, what is even more important than your answers to interview questions. Anyway, to improve your readiness, check out some of the typical bank teller interview questions right now.


Why do you think you are a right person for this job?
We started with a difficult one. However, after understanding the principles from the first part of this article, you should have no problems to find the answer to this question. Mentioning that you really like to communicate with people and solve their problems, and that customer satisfaction is your passion, is a good answer. To state that this job is highly motivating for you and keeps you satisfied and happy in life is also a good one. As a third alternative, you can mention that you strongly believe that with your communication skills and friendly approach to people, you can improve the level of customer satisfaction in a bank.

Why have you chosen our bank?
This question can be answered easily. Just mention that you like the working environment at the bank and the way the tellers approach clients. If you are a client of this bank yourself, do not forget to mention it. Lastly but not last, you can pinpoint several products or great services they offer

Building of BofAHow would you convince the prospect to take a loan (or open an account, or something else)?
It can be either a question, or (and more commonly) a role play exercise! You represent the teller and the interviewer represents the client. The best way to handle this task is to uncover the needs of the client and then show him exactly, how the product can satisfy his needs. It’s not easy, I know. But once you practice it with a friend few times, you should be ready for this task. P.S. Do not forget to keep eye contact and stay calm and smile all the time.

What are your salary expectations?
If this question comes, it is a positive sign. If they did not like your application at all, they would not ask you this type of question. Anyway, it is probably not a huge surprise for you, that the salaries for bank tellers are not the highest one. Therefore, do not forget to stress that the job itself, not the salary, is the primary motivation for you. To say that you are ready to go along the salary tables is probably the best option. Do not be afraid. Once you prove your abilities, there is always a room for promotion in bank…

Special tip at the end: If you apply for a job at Wells Fargo or at Bank of America, you should definitely have a look at Wells Fargo Interview Guide from Jacob Gates or Bank of America Interview Guide from the same author. Jacob is one of the core writers at team. He helped countless job seekers to get a job in one of these two banks. You can be another one… Good luck!

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