Everyone is a client of some bank, and banks are everywhere in the world. And though most bank employees have their jobs for years, and do not like to leave them, new banking centers are opened every month. The bank managers need to hire new tellers, bankers, and other staff members, to make the centers operational. What will happen in an interview for this job? Well, a lot of things… And while the hiring process differs from one bank to another, there are certain questions you will almost always hear from the hiring managers. “Why do you want to work as a bank teller?” is one of them.

You can refer to a variety of reasons in your answer. Maybe you had a similar job in the past (or did something else in customer service), and would simply like to continue working in the same field. Perhaps you’d enjoy working in a bank in general, the reputation of such a position, the recognition it would bring you in the eyes of your peers. Or you have excellent communication and sales skills, and simply believe to be a perfect match for this type of work.

There are many reasons you can refer to, and we will look at them in our list of 7 sample answers. Enjoy!


7 sample answers to “Why do you want to be a bank teller?” interview question

  1. I’ve worked in customer service for the past three years. At first in a call center, and later in a retail store. I believe that I’ve learned how to please the customers, how to offer them an outstanding service, and obviously how to close the deals. As you for sure know, however, nobody works for years in a call enter, or in a busy retail store. And while I’d love to continue working in customer service, I am looking for a better job–one with more responsibility, in a nicer place, a slightly better salary. That’s why I want to work as a bank teller.
  2. I would just love to work in a bank. I understand the importance banking institutions play in our everyday life. Without loans and mortgages and credit cards, and of course saving accounts, life would be much more difficult. It is an honor to help someone follow their dreams, pay for their college studies, get a new house, and so on. What’s more, I really like how nicely everyone behaves here, the dress code, and everything. Bank is my dream place of work, and without previous experience, teller is the position I can realistically get. That’s why I want to work as a teller. And I hope my journey won’t end up there, and I will get promoted over time, and make some career in this great bank.
  3. I simply believe to be a perfect match for the job. My listening skills stand out, and I have always excellent in selling–both products and ideas, to my family, peers, or to the customers in my last job. What’s more, I have a strong interest in the financial instruments and stock market, it’s my hobby. What can be better than matching your hobby with your full time job? In my case, I honestly cannot imagine applying for any other job outside of a bank.
  4. I like the job description, but I also got a recommendation. My friend, Jenifer, works in one of your baking centers in another location, and she recommended me the job. She said that the expectations are high–which is something I like, but also that the working environment is great, and the employee benefits stand out. I’ve known her for years, so I decided to check it out. She does not recommend something very often… So I read the job description, liked what I saw, and decided to give it a shot. What’s more, I have relevant experience from customer service jobs, and believe I can benefit from it greatly in a job of a teller.
  5. To be honest, I consider the position of a teller a first step on my career journey in banking. I have high ambitions, want to become a specialist or even a banking center manager one day. But I also understand that everyone here has to start from the bottom, learn the skills, understand the ins and out of the functioning of the bank, the daily routines, and so on. Position of a teller is a great start. Of course, nobody knows what the future will bring, and our priorities can shift. But for now my plan is to work as a bank teller, and gradually progress in my career, ideally in your bank.
  6. I just like the stability of the job. We live in uncertain times. I worked in a restaurant before, but they had to close the place down due to pandemic. Then I was about to work in a store, a new one they planned to open. The job was eventually cancelled, however, pandemic cited as a reason. Something like that cannot really happen in a bank. Good times, bad times, banks are here to stay, because, at the end of the day, the entire monetary system would collapse without them. This is what attracts me to the position of a teller, and I also believe to have good predispositions for the job.
  7. The answer is easy. I want to work as a teller because that’s what I’ve been doing for the past two years. I’ve been on a part time contract with ABC Bank, but now I would really love to get a full time teller position, with one of the major players. That’s the reason why I applied with your bank, because you are one of the biggest banks in the US, and have a great reputation for treating your employees well…

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Do not forget that your non-verbal communication matters

Any reason you pick, any story you narrate, it won’t sound credible if you look like you’re forced to be in the room with the interviewers. Try to be relaxed, try to show some enthusiasm.

Talk nicely about your former jobs, career plans, dreams. They should get an impression that you are happy to be in the room with them, interviewing for a job you really want to get–position of a teller.


Interviewers are not naive

At the end of the day, our primary reason for working is earning money. I do not know many people who would go to job every morning, if they didn’t get paid for doing so. Hiring managers are not naive, and they understand that a decent salary is the first reason why you want to work as a bank teller. But you should at least try to convince them that there is something else about the job, something you like, admire, would be proud of.

It can be the recognition you’ll get for working in the bank, the impact (a positive one) you can have on the lives of your customers, offering them an access to financial instruments that allow them to pursue their dreams, it can be a career goal–some position you dream of having in the future. Anything you choose, make sure to ensure them that you have a reason why you want to work as a bank teller, and not as an account executive, sales manager, or secretary, or whatever…

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