Many businesses are struggling nowadays, but grocery stores, especially the discount supermarket chains like ALDI, continue to thrive and grow. These places are always hiring new people for in-store positions, since employee turnover is high, and with new stores being opened and more customers shopping there as ever (being on tight budget), ALDI needs new staff members. When trying to get a job with the retail giant, you will always face one question, either in your interview, or directly on your job application: Why do you want to work for ALDI?  

And while it isn’t the most difficult interview question in the world, it isn’t easy either. Why? Simply because 90% of applicants with ALDI do not really care. They would accept any job in retail that pays the same salary or a better one. Needless to say, you cannot admit this on your job application or in the interviews. What should you say then?  

The key is to convince them that they are your first choice, and that you really want the job, and not merely need one to survive and pay your bills, a job you will eventually hate doing… You can do so in a variety of ways, depending on your situation and the message you try to convey to the hiring managers. Let’s have a look at 7 sample answers now. Some of them are typical common sense choices, but I also included some innovative out of the box answers that you can use in order to stand out, and to simply say or write something else than everyone else is going to say. Enjoy!


7 sample answers to “Why do you want to work for ALDI?” interview question

  1. I want to work for my favorite grocer. My entire family does the shopping at ALDI, and I am a firm believer that with everything’s going on in the world and our economy, your business model and focus on discount prices will only grow in popularity. ALDI will grow even bigger, and I’d love to play my part on your success story, as an enthusiastic and hardworking member of your team. That’s why I want to work for you, and not for just any random store in this area.
  2. Store location is my main reason. I live in a block just ten minutes walk away from here. Before I used to commute to work two hours daily, which I consider a huge loss of time, especially when one has family and tries to have some life outside of work. Now I’d like to work close to my home, and for a reputable company where job security is an obvious thing. In my eyes ALDI personifies such a company, and I cannot wait to join your team.
  3. I simply like everything about this company. The working environment at ALDI, the employee benefits, focus on team spirit in the workplace, your corporate values, ambitious goals, and so on. It resonates with my personality, and I feel that I can grow together with you. What’s more, career growth options seems almost endless for a hard-working woman like me, and I believe that down the road I can perhaps have a managerial role in one of your locations. That would be my dream job, and let’s hope it will happen one day!
  4. The answer is personal recommendation. I’ve been looking for a job for a while now, and talked to about two dozens of friends, working in all sorts of retail establishments, ranging from small grocery store and fast food places to retail giants like ALDI or Walmart. I have made my research, and based on everything I’ve heard, I found ALDI superior to their competitors. In my opinion, each company tries to advertise themselves on their website and promotional materials. One has to talk with the actual employees to see how things really are in the workplace. I did that, talked to people working in your stores from the ranks of my friends, and came to a firm conclusion that considering my education and experience, ALDI is an ideal employer, and I would hardly find a better one. Hence I decided to apply and here I am in the interviews with you.
  5. To be honest, the particular position you advertise right now was the deciding factor. I really wanted to work as a warehouse operations supervisor, since I have five years of experience with warehouse work, and feel it is a right time for the next step in my professional career. ALDI advertises such an offer in my home city, and since it is a company with a good reputation overall, I didn’t hesitate twice to submit my application. But I want to be honest with you–if any retail company with similar reputation advertised the same job, I would not mind applying with them either…
  6. I applied with ALDI because, considering your corporate values and how you promote diversity, I believe you will give me a chance. As you can see on my resume, I’ve had my fair share of struggles during the past seven years, mostly health struggles but also family problems, and have barely worked. Such a resume would disqualify me almost anywhere else, but I believe you will give me a chance at ALDI, to prove that I can work hard, and give my 100% to the job. More than anything else I am looking for a new meaning to my everyday existence, to feel useful for the society again. And I hope I can make this simple dream come true in ALDI.
  7. In contrary to other applicants, I want to be brutally honest with you. I like ALDI, and shop there, but since the salary and working conditions are pretty similar to many other retail places, I do not have a particular preference for your company. I submitted about dozen of job applications, hoping to get at least some interviews and eventually start working. At the end of the day, I need money to pay bills like everyone else. Most job applicants won’t tell you the truth. They will say ALDI is special in this way or another. And while it is a good company to work for, I am sure 95% of them do not really care and would accept a similar job anywhere else. Now the question for you is: If they aren’t honest with you in the interviews, will they be honest with you in the job? My approach is different, I try to be super transparent from the start, and you can rely on me being honest with you always. Maybe that’s a good enough reason to hire me…

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Final thoughts and ideas

At the end of the day, job interview is a competitive affair. Giving general and short answers won’t take you anywhere, especially when you compete with many other people for the job. And that is often the case nowadays, when people struggle with money, and some have two or even three jobs, just to be able to support themselves and their family.

What I try to say here is that you should avoid short answers, such as “I want to work for ALDI because it is a great company”. Sounds fair enough, maybe it is great, but you have to elaborate on it, saying why it is great, in which way, and how it relates to your job application. Of course most hiring managers are not naive. They do not expect you to heap praise on ALDI and write poems on how it is superior to all other retail companies. Because it just isn’t true.

Nevertheless, they want to hear some valid reason why you want to work for ALDI–valid for you, in your present life situation. I hope that you’ve found at least one such reason on my list of sample answers, and I wish you good luck in your interview with ALDI!


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