People can argue that the best days of Microsoft are over. Other tech giants dominate the business- Alphabet (owner of Google), Facebook, and Amazon are without a doubt the three biggest players in the field, dominating not only the markets, but also our everyday lives in a sense, regardless of whether we realize it or not. And the most prominent figure connected to Microsoft, the smart and charismatic (and enigmatic) Bill Gates, left the ship years ago, and seems to care mostly about his foundation nowadays, and his pharma business investments, which will, without a doubt, turn out extremely profitable…

Having said that, Microsoft is still no small player. The computer I am typing this on runs on Windows 10. The chances are high that if you read this article on desktop, you have at least some software from Microsoft installed on your workstation. More importantly, though Google salaries outperforms in average salaries Microsoft pays to their employees, you can still easily earn over $115K annually on any managerial or engineering position at Microsoft. And that’s not easy to beat. Before it happens, however, you will have to pass the interview.

Besides the plethora of tricky scenario-based questions and brain teasers you will face in their hiring process, they will, sooner or later, and maybe even repeatedly, ask you about your preferences of their brand. That means, why you want to work for Microsoft. Let’s have a look at 7 sample answers to the question. I tried to include on my list a variety of answers for different jobs and levels of experience, including some unconventional and even one funny/scary answer. I hope you will find at least one that resonates with the message you try to convey in the interviews, and do not forget to check also the notes below, for additional hints and explanations…


7 sample answers to “Why do you want to work for Microsoft” interview question

  1. I’ve done my research, comparing reviews of existing and former employees of several tech giants. Considering my criteria, and what I am looking for in my professional career, I found Microsoft the best match. What is more, I really like Xbox, and it would be a dream come true to participate on the development of the gaming brand. Honestly, I would not complain too much if I got a job with Google instead, for example, but you are definitely my first choice.
  2. I think a better questions would be who wouldn’t want to work for Microsoft? The company is a legend. It has been around much longer than other tech giants. Some of the smartest minds in the industry work here, and I definitely want to surround myself with smart people. Having said that, I also believe I have a lot to offer. I’ve been programming for over twelve years, and, as you can see on my portfolio, I managed to implement some innovative ideas to various software applications, making them stand out, and succeeding on the markets. Me and Microsoft seems like a great match in my book, and I hope you’ll see it in the same way at the end of the interviews.
  3. It’s just the best place to start for a young talent like me. I’ve done all I could during my studies to get this opportunity. I studied hard, participated in competitions (wining some), and I simply tried to be the best student I can be. Now it is time to get under the wings of a successful brand, do my internship here, and then, hopefully, also get a full time job with the company.
  4. Speaking honestly, I just dislike Facebook and Amazon, and their monopolistic practices. Google is fine in my eyes, but they do not advertise such a fitting offer as you do, for someone with my education and experience. At the end of the day, I believe that every engineer dreams of working for one of the giants–having an impact, working on products billions of people use all around the world, and of course, also earning big. I am no different in this view, and bearing my preference of Microsoft to other tech giants, and the fitting job offer, I decided to apply with you.
  5. * a funny one (or perhaps a scary one?) I just believe that Bill will come back with the billions he’ll made with his vaccine business, and reinvest it in the company, making Microsoft one of the leaders on the market once again. Or, even better, Microsoft will produce the nanochips for all the covid-19 mRNA vaccines, for the entire global population, for the elites to impose their control over the crowds. If it happens, I want to work here. First of all, to be an exempt to the vaccination rule. And secondly, to be on the side of the winners, the small minority which will make millions and billions during the pandemic, while others will become just the modern-day slaves of the elites. That’s the reason no. 1 why I want to work here.
  6. I just feel it is the next step in my professional career. Looking at my track record, different products and programs I’ve managed up to this point, and the results I achieved, I feel it is time to step up my game, and finally work for one of the leading market players. Without a doubt I do not expect an easy ride here. I known that challenges at Microsoft will be even bigger than any challenges I’ve faced up to this point of my professional career. But I embrace the challenge, and feel ready to deliver.
  7. I dream of a lavish lifestyle. With the stock options and other benefits Microsoft employees have, the company has produced thousands of millionaires over the years. And I am eager to become another one. Sure enough, I am aware of the sacrifices, and the long hours I’ll have to spend in the office to make my dream come true. But since I am not entrepreneur by heart, but an amazing programmer, I found a job with Microsoft the best way to realize my ambition, and belong to the privileged group of millionaires.

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Everyone likes words of praise

Doesn’t matter if you apply for an internship role, entry level job, or some senior position with Microsoft. You should praise them during the interview, and this question is a great opportunity to do so.

You can praise the corporate values, working culture, employee benefits, company management. But you can also focus on a particular product or service–be it Windows, MS Office, Bing as a search engine, their smartphones, Xbox, or anything else. Such an answer can be extremely powerful especially when you apply for a job in the given division of the company.

Though they may play poker faces, hiring managers at Microsoft are just normal people, like you or me. They have their needs and desires, and like to hear words of praise and recognition. Give them what they want, and you will be one step closer to the coveted job contract.

The more specific you are in your answer, the better

The key is to give them specific reasons. Saying that Microsoft is great and you love the company just isn’t enough. You have to explain why they are great in your view, and why you love the company.

It is also important to explain how your education, experience, preferences, and expectations match with the job you try to get with the tech giant. And honestly, this isn’t particularly difficult to do. Because Microsoft offers excellent working conditions to their employees, career growth opportunities are almost endless, and you can always find some connection either with your past (what you did before), or with your future (what you’d like to do one day, and without a doubt it is possible with Microsoft).


Unconventional and funny answers–when you have nothing to lose

Needless to say, you can find yourself in various positions in the interviews. You can be the favorite to get the job, but also the underdog. You may do great at the beginning, but you may also bomb your interview, and once the question “Why do you want for Microsoft?” arrives, there’s a little hope left to succeed.

In such a case, you may give a shot to some unconventional or even bizarre answer. The unconventional one is for example talking about the millions you want to make with Microsoft, and the lavish lifestyle you want to live. Working for Microsoft isn’t easy, and money as your primary motivation is not necessarily a bad answer.

And you can even risk a completely bizarre or funny answer, such as talking about Bill Gates and vaccination and nonochips, making sure that not a single poker face will remain in the room once you are done with your answer. You can then say it was just fun (but do not have to). In any case, the dynamics of the interviews will change, and it may be your second chance. Needless to say, I do not recommend such answers in most cases. But in some cases and interview situations they can actually make a lot of sense, especially when you have nothing to lose…

Ready to answer this one? I hope so! Do not forget to check also similar questions, to prepare as well as possible for your interview

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