The future of the world doesn’t seem too bright. But that doesn’t mean your future cannot be bright, or that you should have no vision for the future at all. Applying for a place at a study program, for a scholarship, or for an entry level job, you may often face this question. But what do the people in the admission committee, or the hiring managers, want to hear from you? We will try to find the answer on the following lines.

First of all, they want to hear that you have some vision for the future. Saying that you have no idea whatsoever what to do with your life won’t take you anywhere–even if that’s true. Now, it doesn’t mean that you have to be laser-targeted, calling out a specific job or even a specific organization you want to work for in five or ten years. But you should at least vaguely tell what’s ahead for you.

Secondly, your vision for your future should at least somehow correspond with the thing you want to study, or the job you try to get (while facing this question). As an example, it would not make much sense talking about running your own vet clinic, or about becoming a professional musician, while you apply for a place at law school. Saying that you’d like to work for some non-profit organization (fighting for a cause you support), or perhaps become a divorce lawyer, makes much more sense in this case. Of course this was just an example, but I hope you got my point.

Another option would be philosophize a bit about the future of the world, focusing on the bigger picture. Even in this case though, try to avoid excessive negativity. Even if you share negative predictions, try to point out some positive contribution you want to make, basically how you hope to make things at least a bit better. Okay, let’s have a look now at 7 sample answers to this interesting question. Needless to say, in a selection of 7 answers I cannot cover all possible areas and directions one can take in life, but I tried to come up with a nice mix of answers (including some unconventional answers) that will hopefully give you a good idea about your own answer to this one. Enjoy!


7 sample answers to “What is your vision for the future?” interview question

  1. My vision for the future is to have a great job, one in which I can have some impact, ideally in the sphere of social work. That’s why I chose your study program. Ideally I want to work with the elderly population, since I understand this group is getting bigger and more vulnerable every year. Of course, life’s not only work. I also hope to start a family one day, and to live a good and balanced life, getting an opportunity to spend time in the nature, devote myself to music–my hobby, and at the same time be a good employee, husband and father.
  2. The future looks super uncertain to me. With the wars erupting left and right, climate change, water crisis, and you name it, I find it a bit brave to think too far ahead. Having said that, I believe we should not be mere passive observers, and negativity won’t change anything either. That’s why I want to study Physics, and perhaps in the future help with developing solutions that will tackle the climate change, or at least add my small bit when we talk about saving the Earth. That’s my vision for the future, and you can be sure I will give it my best shot.
  3. I imagine teaching at an elementary school, ideally in my city. Maybe it isn’t a big vision for the future, but it is one that gives me joy, and strength to continue in my studies, and to give it my very best shot every day. Then one day I hope to become a mother myself, and do a good job in this department too. I also imagine being healthy, and you can be sure I will continue eating healthy and exercising, doing my best to stay in shape. All in all, I am grateful for the opportunities I have in life, and enthusiastic about the future ahead.
  4. Vision for my future, or for the future of the world? When we speak about the second, a lot needs to happen so we have any future as a mankind. But yeah, I can probably not do much to change the bigger course of things, or can I? And you can be sure I do not cry at night or have nightmares. At the end of the day, we should focus on what we can control (at least to some extent) and that’s our own future. In that department, I hope to become a successful manager, leading big projects. Having said that, I understand that everyone needs to start from the bottom, and that many years will pass until I reach my goals. But I am ready to work hard and to dedicate myself 100% to my career, and then I know a good income will come. Law of action and reaction cannot be broken.
  5. My vision for the future is to always focus on the present moment. Because that’s the only real thing to be honest. Of course, it is good to have goals and dreams, and I would like to make a career in medicine, but at the same time, the only moment we always really live, and take care off, is the present moment. Thinking too much about the future, being nervous about whether we will succeed or not, or having excessive expectations on ourselves will bring us only to psychiatrists and an early grave. Hence I do not think about it at all. I just know I want to be the doctor, and that’s it. Will give my best in the classes, study hard, and enjoy every moment of this journey. Of course, all of that is possible only if you give me a chance to study here.
  6. I want to win a medal at the Olympics. That’s why I chose the best school, that’s why I train so hard every day. That’s my vision for the future--seeing me standing there, on the top of the world, with a national anthem playing in the background, and tears running down my cheeks. Of course, I know a lot has to happen until then, and that many other people have the same dream. But I have the talent, the dedication, and if I get a scholarship here I will also have all I need to pursue this dream, and make my vision become a reality one day.
  7. Well, I hope to find out soon. At the moment I am not exactly sure what I want to do with my life, and how I hope it will look like, let’s say in ten years from now. But I want to give myself a good start, and having a degree in management is definitely something that will allow me to pursue my career in various organizations and fields. Generally speaking, I hope to do a good service to society, and be a valued member of local community.

So that’s it! I hope my answers gave you some idea, and you are now ready to deal with this tricky interview questions. With you good luck in your interview, and if you’re still not sure, I recommend you to check 7 sample answers to the following questions:

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