In some countries of the world companies struggle to find employees, and have to hire “almost anyone” who meets the basic job requirements. On the other hand, a typical job interview is a competitive affair in many places of the world. Ten, twenty, or even a hundred people apply for a single vacancy, and it isn’t easy to get hired. In such cases, hiring managers often inquire what makes you unique, or what your edge (or advantage) among other applicants is. It isn’t an easy question, especially for someone who cannot rely on previous working experience in the field. But you can still do well, as long as you know what to focus on, and how to make the right impression on the hiring managers.

Let’s have a look at 7 sample answers to this interesting question. You will find on my list a variety of answers, and I hope at least one of them will resonate with you, and with the message you hope to convey in the interviews. Below the list of answers you will find some hints and ideas on how to make the best possible impression on your interviewers, while trying to convince them that you have some edge. Enjoy!


7 sample answers to “What is your edge among other applicants?” interview question

  1. My attitude to work is my edge. You can always rely on my as an employee, and I won’t ever let you down. Most people go to job only to make money, but I always try to find the meaning in my tasks, however mundane or unimportant they may seem to general public. At the end of the day, if the job did not help our society in some way, it would not exist. This inner conviction helps me with motivation, and I typically get more done than others because of that. I believe it is my edge, and something that makes me stand out from other job candidates.
  2. I would say my personality is my advantage. Maybe I don’t have as much experience as other people applying for the job. But I am always positive and enthusiastic, and bring a lot of good energy to the workplace. In my experienced I can lift the spirits of my colleagues, and just having me around helps with productivity, because when people feel good and enjoy their time at work, they always manage to do more. I hope you will give me a chance to prove my words in the job, and I am sure you won’t regret making such a decision.
  3. My edge is humility. You know how it goes in this field–everyone is super confident, thinking they know everything. But that’s not my case. On the contrary, I am aware of my weaknesses and believe there is always room for improvement. Though I’ve been working in accounting for a couple of years already, I never cease to read books and study interesting case studies, trying to improve my knowledge and come up with new ideas on how to optimize tax expense. Based on my experience such attitude is rare nowadays, and I believe it gives me some edge among other people applying for this job.
  4. Working experience. As simple as that. I’ve worked in retail for over fifteen years now. Any situation you can imagine, be it with a customer or a colleague, I’ve seen it, done it, dealt with it. Because of that I have a high level of independence, and you do not have to be worried once I stay in the shop alone. I know how to take care of the daily operations, and how to handle the challenges a day in a retail store may present. This is my edge, and if you hire me you can benefit from it greatly.

  1. Loyalty is my advantage. Just look at my resume. I’ve had only two jobs up to now, and stayed with each employer for over seven years. I am no job hopper, and for me it matters a lot to build relationship of trust with my employer, and to help to build the brand of the company. I like the feeling of belonging somewhere, not merely as an employee who receives monthly paycheck, but as someone who helps to build an organization, take it to the next level, someone who can be proud of what they’ve done. Not sure what about you, but I do not know many employees who share the same attitude to work…
  2. My results are my biggest edge. In my last sales job in a call center I was the second-best salesman from the entire hundred and fifty people working there. It was a combination of talent and hard work, and I sincerely believe I can achieve similar results in B2B sales, in the job with you. I am not someone who’s satisfied with average results. On the contrary, I always aim for the exceptional. And I know that if I close big deals for your business, I’ll earn a lot on commissions, so I am super motivated to work for you.
  3. Being very honest to you, I do not think I have any particular edge among them. Let me explain. I certainly have my strengths and skills, but so do other applicants. Each of us can bring something to the table, and I feel it would be stupid thinking I am better than they are. That’s not my attitude to life and to other people really. Hence it is your task–and not an easy one, to talk with everybody, see what they have to offer, and decide about the winner. I want this job and hope you will choose me, but if you do not, I will still be happy that some other person got a chance to work in such a great company.


Your attitude matters more than anything else

Unless you have years of experience under your belt, or a degree from a prestigious university, you will have to rely on other things, namely your motivation, attitude to work, personality. Remember that in 80% of jobs you do not really need previous experience to do them well. Companies have training programs for new hires, and most jobs aren’t that difficult. You just need to learn how to take care of your tasks from existing employees, or from the working manual.

Hence you can refer to other things in the interviews–your personality, motivation, desire to do well, loyalty, etc. You will find great example of each one on my list of sample answers. Just remember that your non-verbal communication also matters–how you say stuff matters as much as what you say. Make sure to speak with some enthusiasm, so they get an impression that you really mean what you are saying, and it doesn’t go just about empty words…

Ready to answer this one? I hope so! Do not forget to check also sample answers to other tricky interview questions:

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