Walmart is known for their customer-oriented policy, and affordable prices of consumer goods. Their offer attracts many people to the retails stores, and plenty of job seekers try to get a job with Walmart. In this article we will look at the interview questions, and at things you have to do right if you want to get a job with the famous retailer.


Fitting the working environment

Your primary goal is to show the interviewers that you would fit nicely to their working environment, that you have the attitude that is expected from the employees at Walmart.

Try to show enthusiasm for the job, try to show them that you understand the values and working environment at Walmart, and that it resonates with your own values and goals.

Keep smiling, act friendly, stay positive in the interview. Do what is expected from every Walmart employee. They should not get an impression that you apply for a job with them only because you need money to live, or cannot find any other job at the moment.


Interview questions for retail interviews at Walmart (4th part of the hiring process)

The questions below are typical for positions in a store (cashier, stock clerk, customer service, sales associate, department manager etc).

  • Why do you want to work at Walmart? (Hint: Mention the uniqueness of the retailer, positive associations you have in your mind when you hear their name, great location of the store where you apply–great either for you, or for the customers, etc. Show them that you do not consider them your last option for employment, that you actually have a good reason to work for them.)
  • What can you bring to our team? Why should we hire you? (Talk about your relevant experience–if you have any. If you have not worked in retail before, you can that you are hard working, ready to learn, and eager to bring positive attitude and discipline to the workplace. You can also say that you are a team-player, and will try to improve the atmosphere in the store, or maintain a great atmosphere they have there.)
  • How do you typically feel in your daily job? (Hint: You can say that you have a lot of energy, that you enjoy the time with your colleagues, that the eight or twelve hours you spend on the shift really fly by. Work in Walmart is difficult, and you may have to remain standing on your feet for the majority of the day. Show them that you do not mind physical work, and do not need frequent breaks.)
  • Would you mind working late in the evening? (A good answer depends on the opening hours of a store. If they close at ten, you should be ready to stay at work until eleven–cleaning the store, finalizing the numbers, closing. Show them that you did your homework, that you learned something about their store, and are ready to work in the evenings–if it is necessary.)
  • Can you tell us something about your customer service experience? (Try to show them that you understand a good customer service–either from the position of an employee, or from a perspective of a shopper. You can even say that you really enjoy the way workers approach customers at Walmart, the way they talk to them, and say that their behavior motivated you to apply for the job with them.)


  • Have you ever helped someone else to achieve their goal? (This question aims to uncover something about your personality, the way you treat people around you. Do you think about the others, or do you care only about your own goals and life? Show the HR managers that you are a team player, and like to help other people in their life and professional career.)
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? (Pick weaknesses that are not relevant for the job you try to get with Walmart. Leadership, management, computer skills–you do not need them working in a retail store. On the other hand, you should pick some strengths that matter for the position you try to get. It can be communication skills, physical strength, ability to work fast and decide independently, etc.)
  • Is there anything that may restrain you in this job? (Any allergies, or other limitations? Ensure the interviewers that you studied the job description carefully, and are ready to take care of all your duties, without any physical or mental limitations.)
  • What do you plan to do in five years time? (Hint: To mention that you would like to stay at Walmart is probably the best answer, and you can aim for career growth in the store. It doesn’t matter if you eventually stay for two years, or only for two months–life is a change, and they won’t blame you for changing your mind and leaving the store in a few months time.)
  • There is a colleague you have a difficult time with. How will you handle the situation? (Trying to understand their perspective, and why they have a difficult time with you (or you with them) is a good answer. If the issue is serious, you should suggest consulting your supervisor, or a store manager.)
  • How would you approach a stressed customer? (Hint – At Walmart, you should approach everyone with smile, and the bad behavior of a customer should not affect you negatively in your job.)

Walmart online assessment for job applicants

You will have to pass this step, typically before the face to face interview. The exact tests you will get depend on the position you are applying for with Walmart, but you will almost always face the dreaded personality test.

Some people claim that the success in the test is a question of luck. I’d say it’s a question of your preparation. Whether you will face customer service scenarios, problem solving at work, or personality questionnaire, we have you covered in the following Walmart interview preparation package. Check it out especially when you apply for supervisory/managerial role with Walmart. The tests are difficult to pass, unless you practice for them in advance. Do not make the same mistake many do, neglecting this part of your interview preparation…


What to wear to Walmart interviews

Since 2018 Walmart changed their dress code heavily. You are not obliged to wear blue clothes anymore. You can put on jeans and shirt of any color. They try to promote diversity and give employees an opportunity to express themselves, to be who they are.

You should follow the suit when choosing clothes for your interview. Basically you can put on anything you feel comfortable in. Just be sure that your clothes are clean and well ironed. And if you look attractive, feel free to put on something you look great wearing. Looking great always boost our confidence, and feeling confident will only help you in your interview with Walmart.



Interviews at Walmart can be both easy and difficult, depending on the position you try to get with the corporation.

Applying for simple retail jobs (think cashier, stock clerk, etc), it’s enough preparing for the questions I analyze in this article. As long as you do not remain silent when they ask you their questions, they will give you a chance.

The story changes when you apply for supervisory, managerial, or engineering job with Walmart. In such a case you will have to deal with tricky tests–especially the personality test, and with more behavioral questions. Be sure to check the special Walmart interview preparation package, to practice the tests ahead, and understand how to pass them with flying colors.

Thank you, we wish you best of luck in your interview!

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