Are you?

  • Going to interview at a Pharmacy School, having no idea how to answer their questions?
  • Experiencing stress, unsure how to make a great impression on the interviewing panel?
  • Struggling to understand what matters in this interview, and how to pass it?

Don’t worry, you are not alone, and I’ve got the answers you are looking for!

Pharmacy School Interview Made Easy eBook

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Simple yet effective book

I wanted to write a book you can finish in less than two hours, and at the same time get ready for your interview. In my opinion, less is more in this case.

Do not expect any fancy pictures or info-graphics in this book. Secondary information is omitted. Those things may grab your attention, but they won’t help you pass the interview.

They would actually take your attention away from the few crucial things that matter.

The eBook has 13,000 words (definitely something you can manage in two hours), and three principal sections:

  • Six principles of success—things you simply need to know and do right if you want to secure your place at the pharmacy school.
  • 12 conventional interview questions & multiple sample answers to each question—a typical interview format, which is still common at many Pharmacy Schools in the US, Canada, Australia, and in Europe. You will learn how to answer the questions the interviewing panel members will ask you, and what attitudes and opinions they seek in the answers of a perfect applicant.
  • MMI interviews. Explaining twelve sample case studies (real case studies from multiple mini interviews conducted at American and Canadian Universities), you will learn how to present your opinions correctly, and what the interviewers look for in your answers.


Check the sample below to see how this eBook can help you (sample includes one question from conventional interview and one from MMI format):

Sample from the eBook

Question no 1: Why Pharmacy?

Hint: Non-verbal communication comes first. Whatever reasons you will refer to, you should speak with enthusiasm about your choice. They should feel that you genuinely want to become a Pharmacist, and do not follow a dream of your parents, or of anyone else.

Focus on your interest for the field of Pharmacy, and a meaningful purpose you see in this job. Do not talk about money. You can also say that you have always dreamed of the career, or that you follow a role model you have in your life (a pharmacist from your family, or a friend who became an inspiration for you as a great pharmacist).

In a braver and more original answer, you can even talk about some innovation you want to bring to Pharmacy, or a research work in certain field you’d like to participate on. It can be AIDS related medicine, cancer research, anything. The more specific you’ll be in your answer, the more genuine it will sound to the interviewers.

There’s still some time to prepare for your interview. So even if you do not have a plan yet, you can think about all fields of Pharmacy and what occupation/role is closest to your heart, and prepare your answer accordingly.


Sample answers

– I have always enjoyed talking to people, and I feel an inner calling to help the others. It’s something I’ve felt since my childhood. I think that a career of a Pharmacist combines the two nicely—you talk to people, and you help them. What is more, I have studied the curriculum carefully, and found it more interesting than the curriculum at med school or nursing school. Hence my choice…

– I follow a specific goal—to work on a research related to sclerosis multiplex treatment. I have a patient in my family, and I’ve spent a lot of time researching about the medical condition and the treatment. My motivation is strong, I want to devote my professional life to this research, and Pharmacy School is an important step on this journey.

– I volunteered in a community pharmacy for six months, and I really enjoyed the experience. It met my expectations and what is more, I felt that I was doing a really good job, and that customers found it easy to talk to me. On the top of that, I look up to my father, who’s been working as a Pharmacist for twenty years. All things combined, I can’t really imagine a better career.


MMI Question no.1: A member of your family decides to depend solely on alternative medicine for treatment of his or her significant illness. What would you do?

Hint: The Pharmacy business does not live from alternative medicine. Nor do the teachers/administrators at the Pharmacy School. These people will always prefer synthetic drugs and conventional treatment, and you should remember it when answering this question.

What is more, you should come up with a complex answer, considering not only the physical, but also the mental and emotional impact your action would have on the person in the question—in this case your family member suffering from serious illness.

You can refer to the following in your answer: showing your family member proven research studies that doubt the effectiveness of alternative medicine, arranging meetings with survivors who went through a conventional treatment, suggesting a combination of alternative and conventional medicine, showing emotional support to them, etc.

Inspire yourself with the sample answer.


Sample answer

First of all, I would try to understand why they want to depend solely on alternative medicine. Are they afraid of the side effects of conventional treatment? Can they not afford to pay for it? Did they read some unproven horror stories about the conventional medicine? Or have they been convinced by the promoters of alternative medicine, who often base their marketing campaigns on false promises and fictive research studies?

Once I understood their reasons, I would try to show them that depending solely on alternative medicine is risky, and could cost their life. I would do my research and show them studies comparing success rate of treatment with conventional and alternative medicine. If they were afraid of the side effects of traditional treatment, I would try to arrange a meeting with people who went through the process, survived it, and ended up healthy.

And besides all of this I would ensure them that they can count with my support and that I would always be there for them during the difficult periods of their treatment—regardless of the medicine they’d use.

End of the sample


These are just two questions. You will find 24 in the eBook, 12 from a conventional interview format (one interviews in front of a panel of people from the Pharmacy School), and 12 MMI questions (real questions from interviews conducted in US and Canada in 2020 and 2021)

Plus the six principles you need to understand before you can ace your interview at a Pharmacy School.

Just that-nothing more. Because I do not want to make your life difficult.

Keep it simple, learn what you really need to know, and pass your interview.

Get the eBook now for $18.95 only.

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