I know you’ve spent a lot of money while trying to obtain a degree from Pharmacy. Now, still full of high ideals (or illusions perhaps), you are just one step away from finally working in the field, earning big money, and starting to pay back your debt. Just one step remains–getting hired. And that’s where things get tricky, because pharmacy is such a popular job field, people rarely leave the job once they have it, and you will typically compete with many other applicants, regardless of whether you want to work in a retail pharmacy, hospital, or any other setting.

In such a scenario every detail matters. “Tell me about yourself” is perhaps just an icebreaker question in many instances. But you cannot afford remaining silent, or giving them a bad answer. In a competitive interview every answer matters, including this one. What should you say then? As a rule of a thumb, you should focus on your strengths, and add a detail or two from your life outside of work. Let me explain.

The strengths depend on your situation in life. If you’ve been working in the field before, you can center your answer around working experience. When it is your first job application, you can focus on education (good GPA), character traits (important for a good pharmacist), or motivation and attitude. Your sole goal at this point is make sure that they get an impression that they are talking with the right candidate, someone who has something to offer to the pharmacy, colleagues, and of course patients/clients. Let’s proceed to 7 sample answers for some inspiration.


7 Sample answers to “Tell me about yourself” interview question for Pharmacist job applicants

  1. My name is Meghan and I’ve just graduated from University ABC and passed the state pharmacy license exam. After years of long studies and continually falling in love with the field of Pharmacy, I cannot wait to finally start working and put my knowledge into practice. I dream of working in a child hospital, and cannot stress how happy I am to get a chance to interview for a job with your hospital. Children enjoy my company, and I believe the job here would be a perfect match to my strengths and personality. I have three younger siblings, some of them still children, so I continue to practice the care back at home… Is there anything you’d like me to elaborate on, when it comes to my education or anything else?
  2. Let me introduce myself in five words: Motivated, patient, tolerant, compassionate Pharmacist. That’s how I see myself, or at least it is an ideal I aspire to reach in my daily job, though I know not every day is Sunday. I got my doctorate six months ago, took a short break to travel the world and recharge my batteries, and learn more about myself in the process. The vacation is over though, and I hope to finally start doing the job in which I see a meaningful purpose, a job of a pharmacist.

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  1. Jacob here, 45, and probably the most experienced candidate you will interview for this job. I worked in a hospital for seven years and then in a community pharmacy for another decade. Any situation you can imagine–conflict with colleague, drug-seeking patients, robbery, extremely heavy workload, someone stealing, etc, I’ve been through it and did a good job to take care of it. And I want to ensure you that though I am a father of two now and there’s more than work to my life, the fire of passion for this job and for helping people still burns within me, after all the years of the service.
  2. Alena, 33 years old, and currently in a process of career transition. I’ve worked as a medical assistant for seven years. And while it is a good job and you have the impact, the salary just wasn’t satisfactory for my lifestyle. Hence I decided to study pharmacy, got my degree, license, and now applying for my first job in the field. I am as excited as a child, and hope I will benefit from everything I’ve learned while working as a medical assistant. Outside of work I enjoy jogging and cycling, and read a good book in the evening. If you have any questions about my education or previous job, please ask.
  3. My name is Peter, and I like to introduce myself as the best student from 2022 year at XYZ Pharmacy school. Sure, education isn’t everything, and it isn’t guaranteed the best student will become the best pharmacist. But I believe that my level of commitment to my studies, and the sacrifices I made along the way, tells a lot about my motivation and intentions in the field. I want to build a great career in Pharmacy, and make a positive difference in lives of many people. With my perfectionism, attention to detail, and empathy, I believe I have what it takes to make this happen.

  1. I prefer my references to do the talking. Please look at the reference from my teacher, as well as from the lead pharmacist in the place where I had a hands-on practice during my studies. They were extremely satisfied with my work, my attitude, that I always gave my 100%. Because that’s how I am–I either do things fully, giving my best, or I do not do them at all… As you can see on my resume, I meet all job requirement in terms of education, but I honestly believe it is something else that makes the difference, and you can see that on the references.
  2. I am just another humble applicant, trying to find my spot, my place in some nice pharmacy with great management like this one, in order to devote myself to the field of work I love. 27 years old, two brothers, living in an apartment just 10 minutes walking distance from here–another reason why I’d love to get this job. Didn’t do superbly well in my education but passed all exams, and now I am ready for the exams of working life. Perhaps this is the first one. And while I could boast about my strengths and everything, I prefer to let you make your own picture during the interviews, as we speak about various issues and I answer your various questions….

Ready to answer this one? I hope so! But it isn’t the only tricky question you will face in your interview for a job of a pharmacist. Make sure to check 7 sample answers to the following questions:

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