Computer science is one of the most popular study programs in the last fifteen years. And it likely won’t chance anytime soon. The demand for programmers, designers, testers, engineers and other IT professionals exceeds the supply, and as fresh graduate with a degree from computer science you won’t have a problem getting a job. Not many people can say the same about their study program. But is this a good enough reason to mention on your application, or in the school admission interview? We will try to find the answer on the following lines.

First of all, there’s no shame in wanting to earn well, and to live a decent life. Money cannot buy happiness, but it is hard to live a happy life when bills are pressing you, and you have to count every cent to make sure you won’t end up on the street the next month. Secondly, the primary aim of any college studies is to allow you to apply for better jobs (in the given field of study). You can definitely refer to it in your answer. Having said that, good job with a high salary should not be your only reason. You should have other motives as well…

Let’s have a look at 7 sample answers to this interesting question. I tried to include a variety of answers on my list–with a variety of reasons, including some unconventional responses. Go through them, pick one that resonates with you, and do not forget to read also my conclusion and final tips at the end of this post.


7 sample answers to “Why did you choose computer science as your course?” interview question

  1. I just enjoy working on the computer more than anything else. I’ve been messing around with programming since I was thirteen, designing simple websites and games. And I must say that I’ve done well, and enjoyed the process, and it motivated me to pursue my studies in the field, and eventually get a job with some interesting game studio or similar company. I believe that we should do for a living something we enjoy doing. And I enjoy programming, and bachelor in computer science was therefor an obvious choice.
  2. First of all, I see a huge perspective in the field. The technology keeps evolving, with robotics and AI playing the prime in recent years. But I think we are far from the end, and the demand for motivated computer scientists will only continue to grow. This cannot be said about many other jobs with uncertain future. Robots will replace humans in certain professions, but it won’t be the case with people who design and program these robots. And that’s the side of the barricade where I’d like to stand once I finish the university. The degree in computer science is an important step on this journey.
  3. Speaking honestly, money drives me more than anything else. Just look at the 10 richest companies in the US, or 10 richest men. Most of them come from technological background. And I also want to earn well, so why not eating my fraction of this juicy pie? Of course, I know the road ahead is long, and I most likely won’t become the next Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. But I want to leave my mark in the world, and I definitely want to study computer science, and one day start my own business in the field.
  4. I just find the field a great match for my introverted personality and my analytical skills. I’ve always excelled in Math, and I found it easy to write the code, for some school projects I’ve participated on. What’s more, though it may sound strange, I’ve always enjoyed the time I spent on my own, working on the computer, or watching documentaries. I just find IT a fitting field for my skills and personality, and cannot imagine studying anything else.
  5. Computer science is, in my opinion, the job field with a great outlook. I’ve actually got some job offers already while studying at high school, because I helped to solve some coding puzzles on various online forums, and some people spotted a talent in me. But I do not want to work yet. I want to study, take my coding skills to another level, earn a degree from a great university like this one, and eventually get an inspiring job with one of the tech giants. That’s a plan, and I believe I can make it come true, if I study hard and dedicate myself to my mission.
  6. I know it may sound strange, especially when I already have a degree from history. Computer science and history is not a typical combination. Life is unpredictable though, things do happen, and I find it hard to provide for my family with the job I have as a historian. Everyone know there’s huge potential in IT, and the salaries people in the field earn are second to none. I’d love to study online and earn my bachelor in computer science, to be able to apply for jobs with much better salaries, and improve the living conditions for me and my family. That’s why I chose this computer science course.
  7. I have great GPA, and I definitely had a chance to apply for any study program, at almost any university. And it was not easy to choose, because I find many things interesting, and one can have an impact and thrive in many different jobs. But I’ve done the career test, and also talked a lot to the school counselor, trying to understand better what I expect from life, what I really excel in, and then match it with a fitting study program. Computer science ended up the best choice, and I am thrilled to apply with your amazing university.

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The question is one of your opportunities to praise the people in the admission committee

They ask why computer science, but you can actually answer two questions with your response–why computer science, and why their university. Give them some words of praise. You can even point our particular courses you are looking forward to, some stellar teachers who teach at their university, excellent campus and research opportunities, or anything else that caught your eye.

Remember that members of the admission committee are just people, like you or me. They also have their needs and dreams, and, just like everyone else, they enjoy when someone recognizes their good work. Praising the study program and study environment, you are in fact praising people who work at the college, because they are responsible for the study program, and for the successes of the school.

Show your enthusiasm for the field, outline your future plans

The more specific you are in your answer, the better. Because having specific and tangible goal will help you navigate the tricky study program and pass the exams. Perhaps toy want to work at Google one day, working on tools billions of people use all around the world.

Or you want to start your own business–a game design studio, graphic design studio, or some innovative startup, working on the next big thing. Let your imagination soar. Things you say in the interviews do not have to come true–and nobody will remember what you said one day, when just trying to get in. But it definitely helps to have some career goals and plans which give a meaning to your studies, and will help you with your motivation in difficult times

Ready to answer this one? I hope so! Do not forget to check also sample answers to other tricky questions you may face while trying to get to the college:

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