Most graphic designers I’ve known and worked with had an amazing skill in creating inspiring visual concepts, turning an idea into reality. Yet they also had their weaknesses (struggling to meet deadlines was the biggest one), and many of them did not particularly excel in communication. At the end of the day, talking isn’t the core of their job, and a good portfolio should do the talking. Nevertheless, if you want to get a job of a graphic designer, you will have to successfully navigate through the hiring process. And while many thing can happen and the process be both simple and complex, you will always face one question: “Tell me about yourself”, or “Introduce yourself“.

What should you focus on in your introduction, and how to make the right impression on the hiring managers? Well, when it comes to graphic design, you should always put emphasis on your portfolio, the previous works you have done, be it for some other employer, freelancing, or just for your own pleasure. Besides that it is good mentioning something from your life outside of graphic design (hopefully you do not spend 16 hours a day in front of a computer), and perhaps even close the introduction with explaining your motivation, and telling them why you want to get the particular job.

Let’s have a look at 7 sample answers to the question. I tried to include on my list answers for both experienced and inexperienced designers, and basically come up with some variety, making sure that at least one of them fits your present situation. Pick such an answer, adjust it slightly, and you can no doubt use it as your introduction in the interviews, or on a job application form.


7 sample answers to “Tell me about yourself” interview question for Graphic Designers

  1. My name is Markus, and I’ve been designing websites and online graphics for about six years now. Started when I was fourteen, and I quickly found passion for the work, and spent almost my entire free time working on projects for friends, for school, or for my own pleasure. You can check my principal works with description on my online portfolio at [link to your portfolio]. Now I am twenty and no student anymore, looking for a job in a webdesign studio, or in a well-established IT company like this one, in order to further develop my designing skills and work on major projects. I work mostly with Adobe, but I am eager to learn working with other software programs. In my free time, when I am not designing anything, I enjoy hiking and spending time away from my laptop.
  2. Marion, 32, have been working in fashion design for past 7 years, but now I am looking forward for a transition into graphic design. I just feel that I’ve learned what I could with fashion, and now it is time to work on bigger campaigns. I am most interested in packaging design, since I know the role it plays in each successful product launch. I’d like to have this impact and see the results of my work on the shelves of the retail stores one day. In an international corporation that works with so many brands like your place it is realistic to achieve my goals (though no doubt it will take time) and it is the main reason why I am applying for this job.
  3. My name is Kati, and I’ve been a passionate UX designer for the past three years, mostly freelancing. And while I have enjoyed some successes (as you can see on my portfolio) and came up with unique design ideas that made some websites and services super-easy to use, I now reached a stage in my career when I do not want to work as a freelancer anymore. I just grew tired of competing with designers from third world countries–many of whom no doubt have great design skills, and can afford their work three times as cheap as I can. But that’s how it is with today’s freelancing landscape and platforms like Upwork. You can earn ten thousand one month and then nothing the next one. And while there is some charm to it, I am looking for job security and stability in life… When not working I enjoy spending time with friends and roller skating.

  1. Kim here, aspiring graphic designer. I know I do not have much to show now for my skills, except of my hand drawings, which I hope give you some idea of my creativeness and ability to come up with new ideas and concepts. Everyone has to start somewhere though, and I am looking to join a team of experienced designers, and grow under their guidance. Your studio seems like a perfect match for my goal. I am currently learning to work with CorelDRAW, and I hope to explore different software solutions for designers down the road…. In terms of my life outside of school and design, I just enjoy reading books and learning new things.
  2. I would introduce myself as creative, responsible, and attentive graphic designer. Give me an idea, or a goal you want to meet with a product, and you can be sure I come up with some interesting sketches and designs. Give me a deadline, and you can be sure I will meet it. What’s more, I try my best to be attentive to the needs and feelings of my colleagues, and believe it isn’t a bad thing having me around in the office. I have also a lot of leisure time hobbies, including piano playing and soccer, classical music and dancing. And I really hope to get a job with you, since I am impressed with some of your campaigns, and would love to join your existing team of designers.
  3. I prefer to let my portfolio do the talking. Please check it on Behance: [link to your portfolio]. In three minutes you can see the variety of projects I’ve worked on during the last ten years, and the list of existing clients. Seeing the portfolio, you may wonder why I am looking for a job. Well, I became a father recently, my priorities have changed, and I am now looking for a regular paycheck month after month, something that just isn’t possible in freelancing. That’s why I am looking for this part time graphic design job and want to make it my first priority, while still doing some work for clients on the side for extra income.
  4. First of all, I prefer to stay humble and critical of myself. While I certainly designed interesting images for clothing (as you can see on my portfolio), and worked as a photo editor for the biggest name in the area, I still feel that I have a lot to learn in order to reach the level I hope to reach in graphic design. I would characterize myself as someone who never stops learning, someone who always strives to get better in what they do. On the top of that I am an avid cyclist and gamer–if my work allows me to devote myself to one of these hobbies… Is there anything else you’d like me to elaborate on when it comes to my education, experience, or life outside of work?

Ready to answer this one? I hope so! Do not forget to check also 7 sample answers to other tricky questions you may face in your graphic design interview:

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