Any business that wants to be successful in a long run needs to deliver good service to their customers. Especially nowadays, when few bad online reviews can ruin your reputation for years, and when competition is waiting for every bad move you make. No wonder that you will face some questions about customer service in almost every job interview.

And while the questions vary, and they may ask you about all sorts of things (going above and beyond, dealing with a difficult customer, experiencing a bad service yourself, etc), the most common questions relate to good (or great) customer service you either witnessed or delivered. For that reason, it makes sense to have some examples ready. Of course, in an ideal case the examples should be real. But perhaps you haven’t had a chance to deliver good customer service yet, or simply do not know how to express your thoughts. How to express them in a right way in a job interview.

I’ve put together 7 examples of a good customer service you can use in your interview. Think carefully which one you will pick–it depends on the job you try to get, and also on your background. Saying that you’ve helped someone in a drugstore would not make much sense if you’ve never worked in one… There is one nice little trick however, for people who lack previous working experience. In such a case, you can always describe a good customer service you received, adding that an experience motivates and inspires you to do the same in your first retail or customer service job. Let’s have a look at the 7 examples now. I hope at least one of them will resonate with you and with the message you try to convey in your interviews!


7 good customer service examples for an interview

  1. The latest one happened just a few weeks before, in a part time job I had in a restaurant. A guy came alone, and all tables were reserved. We were supposed to turn everyone down, but I immediately sensed the guy was hungry and a bit in distress. I just didn’t feel like turning him down. Hence I asked him what he would like to have, and he explained he was vegan and there weren’t many places offering any healthy vegan options in town. I invited him to one of the reserved tables, and politely explained him the situation, that he had to finish his meal in one hour, because then the people will come for the reservation. He was grateful that I let him one of the reserved tables, and wrote an excellent review for the restaurant online.
  2. This is my first job application ever, but I am someone who can spot a good customer service, and definitely hope to deliver one in my job. Let me give you an example. Just two days ago I want to a music store, because I wanted to buy a digital piano. But one can find digital pianos for five hundred dollars, one thousand, two thousand dollars, and so on, and I didn’t really get what was the difference. The guy in the store was extremely patient with me, explaining me the differences, and also demonstrating them by playing the same some on four different pianos they had in display. Then he gave me catalogues and told me to think about it carefully. He wasn’t forcing anything and was very nice to me, even though I didn’t buy a thing. To me it was an inspiring experience.
  3. In my last job at KFC, I didn’t have that many opportunities to deliver something special. Because my place was behind the check counter, and you have certain words and phrases that you are instructed to repeat to every customer. However, I always tried to keep eye contact with customers, and to show really positive non-verbal communication. Just to make sure they feel welcome in the restaurant. I believe it is an example of a good customer service, and I certainly hope to have even more opportunities to show some in my new job, hopefully with you.
  4. Getting above and beyond is my definition of a good customer service. Average is not enough in this field. That’s why I always tried to give personalized advice to customers, and being deeply interested in their needs and feelings about the products we were selling in our store. I think it worked well, considering the reviews the place got while I was there. However, there is always some room for improvement, and I hope to get even better in my new job.
  5. Working in a call center, delivering a good service wasn’t always easy. Because in the place where I worked, people called mostly to complain about the service. However, I tried my best to stay courteous, regarding of the bad words some of they say. Patiently listening to their complaints, I tried to find solutions and make sure that they felt heard out. Maybe it wasn’t the best customer service, but it was the most I could do from my position, considering the circumstances.
  6. I just experienced one in a car rental company two days ago. Comparing this experience to my previous experiences with similar companies, it was a completely different level of customer service. No forcing of additional insurance, no long forms to read and fill, no fuzz. Just a few quick signatures with my finger on a screen, and bang I had the keys and could leave. Of course all important documents arrived in my mailbox so I could check them if I wanted to. The attendant also walked me to the car, which was very nice of her. Overall it was a 5 star service, and it definitely inspires me to try to deliver a similar level of service in my own job.
  7. To be honest, I recall more bad customer service experiences than good ones. I can certainly make the difference between the two, and know when people do care, and when they don’t. But I always try to deliver the best possible service to each customer, regardless of how I feel on the day. Because life has taught me there is more joy in giving than in receiving, and each customer service job is a chance to give something to a customer, be it only a real interest and a smile on your face. Of course many times you can do more–and I am more than willing to do so. But to me being nice and polite to every customer is a cornerstone of a good customer service, and I’ve done it day in day out in my last job in retail.


Final thoughts & some customer service interview questions

Remember that most retail and customer service jobs do not have a high entry barrier. That’s why you do not have to reinvent the wheel, or come with some groundbreaking example of a stunning customer service you delivered. When giving them your example, the most important thing is to show the right attitude. As long as they see that you are willing to deliver a good service to each customer, and that you do not do it only because you should, but because you want to, they will be satisfied with your answer. Keep it on your mind, and I wish you best of luck in your interview!

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