We cannot live without technology, or at least most of us cannot. But owning a laptop, desktop, or a smartphone, and playing some games on it, doesn’t necessarily mean that we can use it in a meaningful way, and benefit from it in our job, whatever it may be. In any case, unless you apply for a job on construction site or something similar, you will have to work with computer daily. That’s why hiring managers inquire about your experience. In some cases the question will be more specific, for example related to MS Excel or any other widely-used software program. But many times they will simply ask about your experience with a computer, and we will look at this question right now.

Before we look at 7 sample answers to this question–including answers for people who lack any experience with computers (I know it is hard to believe, but such people still do exist), I want you to remember a couple of important points: First one is to show confidence in your ability to work with computers, regardless of your level of experience. They would not inquire about your computer skills in an interview, if it did not matter for the job. Hence it is important to show confidence and readiness to handle it. And secondly, try to be specific, and avoid short answers, such as “I’ve been using a computer since my childhood”. On the contrary, you should explain what programs you worked with and perhaps even link it to the job you are trying to get with them… Let’s move to the sample answers.


7 sample answers to “Describe your experience using a computer” interview question

  1. I’ve been working with computers for past 12 years. MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint helped me a lot while working on various seminary projects and essays at school. Obviously I also enjoy watching movies and stuff in my free time, and I believe it isn’t a complete waste of time, since you also learn to work with other software programs, installing necessary drivers and overall it isn’t just as simple as hitting a button and watching a movie you want to watch. I can honesty say that I do not find it hard working with computers, and look forward to using them in my new job.
  2. I have used the computer daily in my last job of a receptionist. And while there is some magic in “pen and paper” and old school methods of registering guests, I understand that computers make our jobs more efficient, and we manage to get more things done daily. Plus it is easier to avoid making mistakes, since once a room is reserved in the software we know we cannot give it to another guest. I’ve worked with “ABC hotel management” software, and also printed invoices for guests and took care of other ordinary tasks. I have to say that I found the learning curve steep at the beginning, but with right attitude and motivation everything is possible. Regardless of what software you use here, I am ready to learn to work with it.
  3. It may sound strange to you, but I have never owned a computer. Coming from a humble background, the only thing I got was a smartphone, and I had to learn how to do everything on it. And I found out that everything is possible–you can make a website on a smartphone, program a simple app or game, you can retouch images. Basically everything is possible, though it is much more time consuming and harder on the eyes than doing the same things using a computer. I am looking forward to working with a computer in my new job, and can assure you that my smartphone experience has made me ready for it.
  4. I’ve spent over 200 hours working on computer each month. My main skills are programming and mobile apps. I consider myself proficient in PHP, C++, and have designed simple apps for a variety of marketplaces. As you can imagine, someone with my level of skills and experience does not find it hard to master any new software application they have to work with on a new project, or in a new job. I have read a lot about your game design studio and have checked some of your games, trying to understand the technology behind them. And I can assure you that I am more than confident of being able to handle the workload, and bring some value to your existing team.

  1. I’ve been using computer and smartphone almost daily, like any other college student. And while I have never studied computer science or anything similar, I always manage to find my way around any problem or task, with a help of online tutorials and guides. Because nowadays you can find tutorials for everything, especially on YouTube, and anyone capable of following instructions from a video is actually capable of doing the task. I am a quick learner and do not struggle to follow instructions, hence I believe I will have no problem using a computer in my new job, regardless of the tasks I will be responsible for.
  2. Let me summarize my experience using computers: I’ve been working with Photoshop for about 10 years, in average about fifty hours a month (I am an avid photographer). I have also worked with Adobe Premier for 5 years, making and editing my own videos. When it comes to MS Excel, I have been using it longer than any other software, and have a decent knowledge of both mathematical and statistical functions it offers. Besides that I’ve been working with many online tools, such as Slack for example, but also various tools related to photo and video editing. I want to say that I enjoy using a computer and am passionate about learning new skills, and it is one of the reasons why I applied for this job offer.
  3. I have no experience. Grew up in a small place, no money, no computers. Had to work to help my family survive since I was 7 years old. Having said that though, judging by my experience with smartphone, I’d say using a computer is no rocket science nowadays. No doubt it was hard thirty years ago when even user was almost a programmer, but with the simplicity and the way games and apps are make nowadays–for dummies if you allow me to call it this way, I do not think I won’t be capable of working with the computer. Sure, I may struggle on day one and may need a couple of weeks to master my tasks on a computer, but after the initial period I am sure I will handle it as well as anyone in the company. When billions of people in the world use computers it means it isn’t too hard learning to do so. At least that’s the way I see it.

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