Customer service is one of the biggest fields of employment all over the world. And while it isn’t necessarily hard to get a job in retail or in customer service (considering that many companies are always hiring, and people are always leaving, and basically the employee fluctuation is higher than in any other field of business), you still want to make a good impression on the hiring managers. Perhaps to get the one job you really want, or to avoid embarrassing silence when they ask you some question you aren’t prepared for. And this one catches many people off-guard, simply because they expect to talk in an interview about a great customer service they delivered, and not the one they received!

Keep in mind a few things though. Most customer service jobs are entry level. Many applicants have no previous working experience. Hence they can hardly speak about the best service they delivered to someone. At the same time, the interviewers wonder whether the job candidates understand what it means to deliver an excellent service to a customer, and whether they have the right attitude–meaning that they want to, and enjoy delivering such a service. In order to find the answers, they will ask you about your own best customer service experience.

Any situation you pick, try to speak with enthusiasm. They should get an impression that you have a passion for great customer service, and understand the important role it plays in a success story of every single business. Mark my words–you do not necessarily have to narrate some ground-breaking story, for example a story of some shop assistant saving your life, and going for a date with you just to make you happy :). Any experience when someone went out of their way for you, or simply treated you extremely nicely, is a good example to talk about here.

Let’s have a look at 7 sample answers to this question. I tried to come up with some variety, narrating situations from different scenarios, and adding a few unconventional answers to the list. I hope at least one of the answers will resonate with you and with the message you try to convey in your interviews. Just remember that to showing a passion for a good customer service is the key, and it never hurts to say that you found the experience inspiring for your own conduct, in your future customer service job. Let’s proceed to the answers.


7 sample answers to “What was the best customer service you have ever received?”

  1. There is one situation that have stayed in my memory for a long time. I remember when I went to buy running shoes in a sports equipment store, just a few weeks before Christmas. The place was extremely busy, and I could see that all people worked very hard. Even though they were so busy, the girl who attended me patiently answered all my stupid questions with smile on her face, and even gave me recommendations based on her own experience with different brands of running shoes. Needless to say it impressed me a lot, and I aspire to also become such a great customer assistant one day.
  2. It was probably on the call with a technician regarding the problem with my internet connection. Not only were they very patient and didn’t get upset when I repeatedly couldn’t follow their instructions. They also treated me very friendly, and had immense knowledge of their field as I later understood. No doubt such a technician has to answer many similar phone calls each day, and one would understand if they got upset with a customer like me. But it wasn’t the case, and all in all it was a memorable customer service experience.
  3. I am not sure it was a best one, but it is quite recent so I remember it well. We went to a restaurant with my friends two weeks ago. Since I am on a vegan diet, we always try to choose the restaurant that has something on offer for me. This time, however, they were out of stock for the foods I wanted to order. However, instead of just dismissing me, they sent someone to the grocery store nearby for a quick shopping, so they could fry some nice tofu with veggies for me. It impressed me a lot, because other times when something similar happened ta other places, the people there simply suggested I’d order a vegetable salad. But this place was different, they earned a five star review, and definitely it was a good learning experience for me, since I also hope to deliver a great customer service in a restaurant where I plan to work.
  4. To be quite honest with you, I haven’t received an amazing customer service for a long time. Maybe that’s because my standards are very high. When I do any job in which I deal with customers, I am always 100% focused on the person I am talking to, and do my best to go above and beyond anytime the situation allows it. But I also understand it isn’t so common, because now from the top of my head I cannot remember the last time I actually received such a service. Anyway, I want to continue delivering it, so at least some people have this experience.
  5. The best one I got was in a pharmacy. You know how this business works–they have contracts with different providers, and push their products. But in this pharmacy it was different. They have a policy in place to always show the most affordable product to the customer first–probably the one they had the lowest profit margin on. This impressed me tremendously, since I saved a lot of dollars. Needless to say, the place is thriving and many people go there, even if they have to cover some distance, because the customer service is second to none. In my opinion, it is inspiring for both workers and business owners.
  6. It is hard to pick just one. I honestly feel that many customer service workers try their best. Of course, everyone has their low day, and sometimes when the place is too buys you just cannot give each individual customer as much attention as you’d like to, because it would mean letting the other customers waiting for a long time. I keep this on my mind, and I am grateful for any positive customer service experience. In my opinion, people should try their best in jobs, but customers should not expect miracles. Or at least that’s how I see it.
  7. The best one was when I accidentally cut my finger open when looking at a penknife in a store with outdoors equipment. Instead of scolding me, the man in charge of the store offered me a first aid kit and helped me to put a gaze on. What’s more, since the wound was quite big, he actually closed the store for half an hour and went to the emergency room with me. It was such an amazing experience that it almost moved me to tears. And it is definitely motivating to me, because I understand that even as cashiers or sales associates we can make the world a better place, with our everyday conduct in work.

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed the answers and know now what to say in your own interview! If you’re not sure you, I suggest you to check also 7 sample answers to similar interview questions:

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