Not every interview question necessarily makes sense. Why should they hire you as a cashier? Well, it isn’t the hardest job in the world, is it? You do not need any education or previous experience to apply. Actually almost everyone can do the job after one day of training, and when we look at the global statistics, we will find out that most cashier are actually students, or people who weren’t lucky enough in life to complete any higher education. All these things make your answer to the question more difficult, because things you will rely on in many other cases (such as having relevant education and experience for the job) won’t make much difference in cashier interview. What should you focus on then?

I would say that you should focus on your attitude. You can say that you are hard-working, that you are a quick learner, or that you know why you are applying (what you need the money for), and they can be sure you won’t lose your motivation quickly in this repetitive job. Another alternative is talking about some of your strengths and abilities that make from you a good applicant for a job of a cashier–such as attention to detail, or ability to deliver good customer service to the people in the store. Last but not least, you can opt for a rather unconventional and philosophical answer while trying to stand out in the eyes of the hiring managers.

I put together a list of 7 sample answers to the question. You will find both conventional and odd answers on the list. Consider your situation realistically, and think about the impression you try to make on the store manager or whoever leads the hiring process for cashiers. I hope at least one of the answers will fit the picture.

7 sample answers to “Why should we hire you?” interview question for cashiers

  1. You should hire me because I am really motivated to get this job, and to do it well. As a student I do not have many options when it comes to part time jobs, and the flexible working schedule and location of your supermarket fits me perfectly. Many people apply for job of a cashier simply because they need any job to pay their bills. But I really want this one, and I believe it sets me apart from other candidates.
  2. I am hard-working, I learn quickly, and I do not mind working overtime, or replacing a colleague on a shift when needed. I honestly believe that I have what it takes to become a good cashier, after getting a training and learning to work with the cash drawer. What’s more, I enjoy interactions with customers, and believe that people will have a good shopping experience with me. I believe it makes sense to hire me for this job, and hope you will come to the same conclusion.
  3. I believe that all applicants have some qualities and strengths they can bring to the table, and all have their reasons why they applied for the job of a cashier with your retail store. However, there is one thing that sets me apart, at least I believe so: Your brand in my favorite brand of all. I love this place, I shop here regularly, and your values resonate with me strongly. Hence I believe I will be a great addition to your existing team, since both my colleagues and customers will perceive that I like the place, and do not work there only for money.
  4. I’d say just two strengths: teamwork, and attention to detail. My colleagues can always rely on me, I will be there for them, ready to help when they need me. And I rarely make mistakes, and pay attention to every detail, making sure the customers get exactly what they are looking for, and pay exactly as much as they should. What else can one expect from a cashier? I honestly believe I will deliver expected results in work, day in day out, and hope you will give me an opportunity to prove my words.
  5. Let’s be honest: you pay the minimum wage here. Cashiers work twelve hours long shifts, including weekends. Your location isn’t central and it is hard to get here without a car. What I try to convey here is that this isn’t a dream job, and vast majority of people will leave as soon as they get something better. That’s not my case though. In my fifties and unemployed for two years, I will be extremely grateful for any working opportunity. If you hire me, you can count on me staying with you for years–of course as long as you are happy with my work. And I will try my best, because in contrast to an average job applicant, in my present situation it would mean a world to me to get this job.
  6. I’d say you should hire me because you aren’t buying a pig in a poke here. You can check my references, call my former employers. Everyone was super satisfied with me, but since I moved here to pursue my University studies, I could not keep the job I had back home. Now I am looking for a new opportunity, and your part time position seems like a perfect fit, considering my obligations and schedule at the University. You should hire me, before someone else does so. Because you will find it hard get a more reliable and strenuous employee than me.
  7. I honestly believe the question makes a little sense. You do not look for creative brains or intelligence. Cashier should be an average guy, someone you can easily train, and someone who will be satisfied with doing a repetitive job for a relatively low pay day after day. And I am exactly that guy. Do not have any special strengths and abilities to boast about. If I had them, I would be applying for a better job somewhere else. But here I am, honest to you and also to myself, applying for a job I can realistically get.


Try to talk with some enthusiasm

You should not forget that hiring managers notice much more than just the content of your message. They watch your non-verbal communication, your tone of voice, how you conduct yourself, whether they can feel any motivation in your presence, and so on, and so forth.

Cashier isn’t the best job in the world and they know it. They do not expect people to be super-pumped about the opportunity. But they still look for people who actually want the job, and do not merely need one. Sure enough this isn’t your dream job, and you shouldn’t try to convince the hiring managers of anything like that. But they should get an impression, that in this stage of your career and life, with your other obligations and goals, you find a job a good fit, and really want to do it. Keep it on your mind, and try to show some enthusiasm when answering this interview question…

Ready to answer this one? I hope so! Do not forget to check also other interview questions for cashiers. Thank you, and good luck in your interview!


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