Bus driver does not belong to the most popular career choices. For some people, however, those who find their passion in driving the large vehicle, it is a dream occupation and they would not change it for any other one (perhaps a truck driver would do sometimes :)).

If you are currently trying to get this job, you should prepare for an interview consisting of two parts. First part will consist in interview questions, and the second one will be an assessment test (personality test, mechanical reasoning test, etc).

If you have no idea about how to pass such tests, or what they are about, have a look at this excellent preparation package for future bus drivers from JobTestPrep. After practicing with their 9 basic math drills, 2 calculating change tests, 10 verbal reasoning tests, and 6 guides & tutorials on how to ace your bus driver interview, you will be ready to pass the tests with flying colors.

For the other part of the hiring process – the interview questions,  we will help you prepare right now. Let’s analyze the questions, one by one.


Why do you want to be a bus driver?

Try to show some passion for the job, but also some responsibility. You can start by saying that you enjoy driving long vehicles, and at the same time communication with people. Working as a bus driver, you will get a chance to do both, and at the same time earn decent money for it.

You can elaborate on it further, explaining how your personality is a good match for the job. You are extremely responsible, a good driver, have attention to detail, and with your vast driving experience (of any kind) you can easily handle the challenges of a traffic of a busy city. Of course, you can also praise employee benefits and other advantages of the job, but they should not get an impression they play the decisive part for you…

Do you have a driving license for a bus? How long have you had the license?

The answer is obvious. You can not apply for this job without having a driving license. On the other hand, it is okay if you got your license just a month ago. Everyone needs to start their career one day. The key is to simply tell them the truth, and ensure them that you feel ready to drive the bus.

You can also explain how many hours you’ve did in the driving school, overall miles you’ve covered in your driving career (including both car and bus), ensure them that you’ve never had an accident before (and if you had one, you’ve learned your lesson), and so on. The most important thing is to show confidence in your ability to handle the job.


How long have you been driving a bus?

Try to focus on your positive experience with driving. Do not hesitate to mention that you have never had an accident, and that the passengers were always satisfied with the way you drove them to their destination.

If it is your first experience, your first job application, you should stay honest. On the other hand, it is a good idea to say that the driving school inspector was happy with your performance, and that you believe you can drive safely. Again, they should get an impression that you trust your skills, and won’t  hesitate in the job.


Would you mind working at night?

Buses ride most of the time. If you apply for this job, you should count with a possibility of driving at night–unless you apply for a specific service, a school bus drier job, or with a company that runs daytime buses only. In any other case, you should mention that you are aware of the necessity to do some night shifts, and would not mind working at night.

Again, you can emphasize that you did it before, that you do not feel sleepy, and can handle your job equally well during the day and during the night. You can also show right attitude to teamwork, saying that you understand someone has to do the night rights, and when you do so on some days your colleagues can enjoy their rest. On other nights they will pay you back the same favor…

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Why do you want to get this job?

It is easy to make a mistake at this point, and say something like: “Well, I have a driving license, and I need a job.” Even though it may be truth, you should come up with a better answer.

You should say that you apply for the job because it is exactly what you want to do in your life, at least for the next few years. Show them your motivation, show them that you want the job–and not only need one.

Imagine you had an accident, hitting a car. What would you do in such a case?

Do not panic. Show the interviewers that you count with the possibility of having an accident–after all, not every accident is your mistake, and you do not have everything under control on the road…

Then you should talk about the steps you would take in the case of an accident. A good start would be checking if anybody is injured (both inside and outside the vehicle), and calling an emergency–in a case they are injured. Then you should try to help the people (the best you can), and call the police (if they are not on their way already).

Next step will be informing your employer about an accident, so they can organize the transport of the passengers (sending another bus to the place etc), and asking them what you should do next. The key is to show the interviewers that you know what you would do, in an unlikely case of an accident.


Other questions you may face in your bus driver interview

  • What are your strengths? (Talk about things that make you a good candidate for a bus driver position, such as patience, focus, great driving skills, good communication skills, etc. Show some confidence in your answer.)
  • What are your weaknesses? (Pick something that is not central for the job. For example, you can say that you lack management or leadership skills, or that your computer skills can be better. Anything that doesn’t really matter for a job is a good choice, and a bus driver does not need to be a good manager.)
  • What motivates you? (You can talk about meaningful purpose of a job, about your passion for driving, or anything else that drives you forward. Try to speak about money though.)
  • Do you consider it important to reach the stops on time? Why do you think it is important? (Show some understanding for the role, for the goal of it–to help people get where they want to go, and when they want to get there. Ensure the interviewers that you do not take the schedule lightly, and will do your best to follow it.)
  • Why should we hire you for this job?

* Download the list of questions in .PDF format and practice your answers anytime later:


Conclusion and next steps

Interview for a position of a bus driver belongs to job interviews with average difficulty. Companies are almost always in need of new drivers, and they won’t “torture” you with some hard behavioral questions. On the other hand, you have to pass the assessment tests to be accepted for the job, and you can’t remain silent when they ask you their questions.

I suggest you to read my hints once again, and write down a short answer to each of the questions. You do not have to memorize your answers, but it’s better having an idea what you want to talk about. And if you are afraid of the assessment test, not sure whether you’d pass calculating change tests,  verbal reasoning tests, and others, be sure to get the excellent preparation package for future bus drivers from JobTestPrep. They say for a reason that practice makes perfect...

Thank you, I wish you good luck!


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