We live in a global world. And while virus pandemic has made us rethink the necessity of business travels and face to face meetings, personal contact is irreplaceable in almost every human endeavor.

What’s more, traveling is an integral part of many jobs, for example sales representative, tour guide, consultant, flight attendant, or international aid worker. This question definitely makes sense in many job interviews.

Let’s have a look at 7 sample answers you can use in your interview, because a simple YES or NO won’t do it for any hiring manager. Below the answers you will find a few suggestions and a further explanation that should help you come up with an original answer in your job interview.


Sample answers to “Are you willing to travel?” interview question

  1. I read the job description carefully and know that regular business travels belong to this work. But I am willing to travel, and even eager to do so. It was actually one of the reasons why I applied for a job with you, because I enjoy traveling, meeting people from different cultures, learning new things. And since I do not have a family yet, nothing holds me back.
  2. I am ready to do anything to achieve good results in this sales position. This is a niche market and I know that we won’t find many new clients in a local area. One has to travel and meet with representatives of potential customers all over the country. That’s the only way to build a bigger portfolio of recurring clients, and to be successful. So definitely I am willing to travel.
  3. Speaking honestly, if I had a choice, I would prefer not to travel. I have two children and prefer to stay in the city and enjoy some quality family time during the week. But each job has some downsides, and other than traveling I like everything about this position–my duties, responsibilities, what we can achieve here, what I can learn. To get this job and to enjoy all the good things it can bring to my life, I am definitely ready to sacrifice something, and willing to travel. I am sure that the amount of time spent on the road will be reasonable.
  4. Travel is my greatest passion. I cannot imagine anything better than traveling to interesting destinations and earning money while doing that. It’s the reason why I applied for a job with your airlines. And while I know that we travel for work and not for holiday, there will certainly be some time in between the flights to explore the cities.
  5. I am willing to, and I must say that I quite enjoy it. I traveled a lot in my last job, and never find the routine with airports and hotels boring. Surely it can be tiring at times, and one can miss their family, but for each good job one has to sacrifice something. At least that’s my opinion, and a philosophy I try to follow when working anywhere.
  6. I am willing to, and definitely I am not scared of the virus or of flying or of anything else. At the same time, however, I try to think and act ecologically. Because it’s important for our future. Online conferences can never replace face to face contact, but in my opinion it’s about finding the right balance between the two. We do not need to meet our business partners personally each month. Once in a time, however, we should travel and meet them in person…
  7. So far I haven’t had any experience with traveling, and therefor I do not know what to expect, what impact it will have on me and my schedule. But if one has to travel to be successful in this job, I am definitely ready to step out of my comfort zone and hit the road for the first time in my life.


When they ask about traveling, you likely will travel

Many times you can find the right answer directly in the question of the interviewers. Just think about ti for a moment. If traveling wasn’t necessary in the job, they would not ask about your willingness to travel. It would make no sense to ask such a question.

Therefor you should always ensure the interviewers that you studied the job description carefully and know what will be expected from you in the job. You can say that you’d prefer not to travel often, but you should never say that you aren’t willing to travel. At least if you want to get the job…

female business traveler sits in an airport hall, waiting for her flight

Try to explain your reasons

Whether you prefer traveling or the contrary, you should always explain your reasons. Just compare the following two answers:

  • I do not like to travel and prefer not to, unless absolutely necessary for the work.
  • To be honest, I prefer not to travel often. I have a daughter and try to spend some quality time with her. But if I have to go for a business trip, if it is important for my job, I will definitely do it.

You should also elaborate on a positive affirmation. Tell them why you love traveling--you enjoy the lifestyle of a business traveler, or perhaps discovering new places and meeting new people, or learning languages makes you happy :). They shouldn’t get an impression that you replied positively only because you knew they expected such an answer from a good job candidate.

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Be ready to sacrifice something for your employer

Cause and effect, action and reaction. That’s the basic principle of the Universe. Your new employer will pay you a nice salary each month, and you will certainly enjoy some corporate benefits. Think company car, mobile phone, maybe a holiday voucher or a season ticket to a fitness center.

But they also expect you to sacrifice something for them. And that’s not only your time. Because you would work 5 or 6 days a week even as a janitor or as a cashier in Burger King. But you would not earn or learn much in these two jobs…

For most good things in our life we have to sacrifice something. We need to step out of our comfort zone. In this case it may be a necessity to go for a short business trip each month. Ensure your employer that you are ready to make the sacrifice for them.

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