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There are interview questions that target a motivation of an applicant. Why do you want to work for us is such a question. The reason for using it is simple. Nowadays, people apply for many jobs. One can easily get confused amongst hundreds of offers on job boards in every field.

You can apply for hundreds of jobs with a simple click of a button. Statistics show that an average job seeker submits daily more than 10 job applications.

So if the company invites you for an interview, it is important for them to know if they represent for you just one of many potential employers or if you really want to work for them and chose their company, with clear intentions and vision. This question is one of the best methods how to see “the truth”.

The truth doesn’t matter

At the end of the day, we all need to have a job and earn money. In most of the cases, that is the primary motivation why people apply for a job, why they submit applications for many jobs.

Employers can not expect from you to apply only for job in their company, even though it might be the best one. It would make no sense, would it? Job search is a game of numbers. If you apply for more jobs, you have better chances of being selected for an interview and get a job at the end.

However, employers should not have this feeling in the interview. You should do your best to convince them that their company is special for you and that you want to work for them.

This is the best way how to make them feel good about themselves and about you and possibly get a contract at the end of the interview. If it is true or not does not matter at the end of the day.

The only important thing is if you get a job or not. So, how to do that? How to convince the employers that you want to work only for their company and not for anyone else? Let’s have a look at it right now.


How to answer why do you want to work for us

First of all, your answer should not be a general one. You should not just say that:


This is a best company on the market.


I simply love this company.


Because, if you choose one of these answers, they will ask you “Why”.

  • Why is our company the best one?
  • Why do you love our company?


You do not know what to say and that is the problem. 🙂 It’s similar to What do you know about our company question.

That’s why your answer should be as specific as possible. The best thing to do is to stick to the following method of preparing a good answer:

  • Research the website of the company. Try to find things that you like about the company. Concentrate mainly on company culture, vision, goals, benefits for employees, etc.
  • Than use the data you collected in your answer to why do you want to for for us question.


It is as simple as that. Let me show you few practical answers to this question.


Sample answers


I really like the philosophy of your company. To help the local community and be an active player in social field to help the poor is really something that attracted me to work for you. I will be proud to work for a company with such a philosophy.


Your working environment seems to be an excellent one. I have read references from your employees and all people seems to be satisfied and claim to grow professionally in such an environment. That is the main reason why I chose your comapny.


Your reward policy caught my eye. I really like the approach the the employees with best results should get the best benefits. It should be like this in every company, however it is not. Anyway, I would like to work for you, mostly because i like this sort of benefit structuring.


You saw just few examples of good answer to why do you want to work for us. Remember-  show them that they are special for you. It’s a desire of every single manager to hear such an answer. Find out something special about the company before an interview and use it for your advantage in an answer.

PS: Have a look at what are your strengths or what motivates you question also.

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