Five job candidates are sitting on white chairs, waiting for the start of their job interview. We can see three young women and two men in their early thirties on the picture.Many people submit countless job applications. It is logical, and we can not blame them for their action. Job search is also a game of numbers–the more applications you send (quality applications), the better your chance of getting a job will be.

But when you interview for a job at a particular company, you should be able to tell why you chose them. You should distinguish them from their competitors, and convince the interviewers that you really want to work for them.


The truth does not always matter

At the end of the day, we all need to have a job and earn money. In most cases it is the primary motivation why people apply for jobs, why they submit applications for many job openings.

Employers can not expect (and most of them do not expect) you to apply for a job only with them. But once they interview you, you should do your best to convince them that their company is special for you in some way, and that you want to work for them, and not for someone else. Whether true or not doesn’t matter in an interview, and when we speak about this particular question, even the most skilled interviewers will find it hard to tell if your answer is honest or not.


How to answer the question

A good answer is a specific one. Research the website of their company, check their reviews on Google, read their profiles on social media. Try to find things that you like about them. It can be the company culture, their vision, goals, benefits they offer for the employees, their products, etc.

Let’s have a look at some sample answers.

I really like the philosophy of your company. To help the local community and actively participate in the social sector is something that attracted me to your offer. I will be proud to work for a company with this philosophy.

I have read references from your employees and all people seem to be satisfied, and grow professionally in your working environment. What is more, your company is just ten minutes walking distance from my apartment. These are the two main reasons why I want to work for you.

The system of employee benefits you offer is excellent, as you reward the best people generously. If I get this job, I want to be one of the best people. What is more, I really like your products, and I am also your customer.


Show them why they are special. Compliment them. Tell them that they are the best, even if they are not.

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