One can find numerous sources of information about how to succeed in the interview. However, what if I do not know what job should I apply for? In this article we will try to help you, if it is a case.

Find the right job for you is not an easy task. However, if you make the mistake at this point, it doesn’t matter anymore how good you master the art of  interviewing, writing resumes and making the right phone calls at the right time…

Once you have chosen the wrong job, you will never be really happy in your daily life. So, what job is right for you? The right occupation for you should fulfill the following characteristics:


Five key aspects to think about when deciding about future job

1. Work should be fun.

What things do you like to do? What activities do you feel good and satisfied doing? Are there any? Make a list of them now. Once you are done with that, think if you can be paid for doing any of these activities.  If it is possible, you are a lucky guy and you should start your job search from there.


2. You should be able to find meaningful purpose in your job.

Seeing a meaningful purpose in work is a common problem nowadays. ..Nine out of ten people have problems to identify it and do not really know why they wake up to work every morning. They go to work just because everyone else does the same!

In fact there is always a meaningful purpose, whatever you decide to do. Otherwise, the role would not be existing. You just have to be able to see this purpose…

If you sit in a factory, helping to build some semi-conductors for automotive industry, doing the same, “boring” repetitive job every day, you may feel like there’s no meaningful purpose at all.

But look around you in the streets. If you weren’t standing near the machine every day, helping to produce these semi-conductors, all the people sitting comfortably in their cars would have to walk to work, or use a public transport.

You help to make lives of the others more comfortable, more enjoyable. That’s the meaningful purpose of your job. Similar example can be found in every single job. Just think about it and find the benefits your work brings to other people or to the planet. So, what job is the right for me – the job I can see a meaningful purpose in.

To have a meaningful purpose is not about changing the job, but about understanding the purpose in your current/desired job.


What job is right for me? Girl looks for an answer

3. You should be really good at your job.

In fact, you should excel in it. Things we excel in we like to do. Things we are bad at are boring to us… That’s the way it is, that’s what you should think about. Try to make a list of activities you are really good at. I am sure that there are at least few.  Can any of these activities make you a living? What jobs are related to it? Find the answer and apply for these roles. That’s the best thing you can do.


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Be realistic and do not forget on the money

4. Be realistic.

I would like to be the president of the US. I really would enjoy that function and honestly, I will be very good at it. But realistically, I’m not playing that league yet. It’s simply out of my league at the moment…

We all have dreams and should never forget on them (so many of us do so!). But usually, there are many steps we have to make before we can actually reach our career dreams.

You should think realistically about your intelligence, predispositions and abilities when deciding about your career. If you aim too high, you might be disappointed again and again.  You can definitely hit that target in few years, but not now really…

Consider your chances realistically when deciding about your job. Rome was not built during one day, and neither your career can be.


Lets ease it for a while. Check this five years old needs a job! Maybe you can learn something from her.


5. Money are “not” important.

Well, it’s great to do something you like to do. It’s even better to do something you excel in. And if you see a meaningful purpose in your daily activity, it is perfect and you found an answer to what job is right for me question.

But still, money play the role.  Make a list of your monthly living costs, including some enjoyment. Then look at the number and think. The job you are trying to find should pay at least the amount.


I have been chosen!Here we come to a simple, but important conclusion. Try to find the activity you like to do, you excel in, you see a meaningful purpose in and you could be paid for enough to cover your living costs.

Once you find this combination, you will have the perfect job for you. Enjoy the feeling and start browsing the job boards.


Special case – there isn’t any right job

Some of us can never find a good job. The reason is simple: No job is the right one for us. In this case it is not about the role… Some people simply were not born to do jobs, doesn’t matter how long they are finding this role that can make them happy in life.

Some people were born to be a business owners, investors, or gamblers. Well, that’s the way it is, that’s the way their mindset works. So if you:

  • Have problems listening to orders
  • Have problems to wake up early
  • Always see mistakes of your bosses
  • Think that you can manage the whole company better,

the career of an employee will not be the right one for you. I am sorry.  Start a small business or try to do some investments.

You will never answer what job is right for me, because there is not any. Still, entrepreneurship is a lot of fun, and may be the thing you were looking for…

Just follow our tips and once you’ll be very happy in your life.

Once you have found the job for you, it’s time to prepare for the job interview. Have a look at some unique interview tips or plan your career from this point.