We spend most of our life working. The reason why you meet countless sad faces in the streets is that most people follow dreams and expectations of their parents or peers, choosing a job they do not really want to have, a job that can never make them happy in life.

In this post we will have a look at five key aspects you should consider when deciding about your professional career. Let’s start!


1. Work should be fun

What things do you enjoy doing? What activities make you fell good and happy? Make a list of these activities right now, and think if you can get paid for doing one of them. Try to match them with different job titles.


What job is right for me? Girl looks for an answer

2. Try to find the purpose

Most people go to work just because everyone else does the same thing. This should never happen to you. You should understand the value you create with your work, and how it helps other people, or other living creatures. If you can not find the purpose in your job, it is not a right choice for you. 

To have fun is great, but most jobs are repetitive. Unless you see the meaningful purpose in doing them, they will become boring, sooner or later. 

In fact every job has some purpose (otherwise it would not exist), but not always it is a meaningful one, and whether you see it that way depends on your mindset and outlook of life.


3. You should be good at what you do

We enjoy doing things we are good at. It is related to our confidence, to our view of ourselves. Having a job you are good at (or excel in) will help you to feel good about yourself, about your days in work, and about your life in general.

4. Be realistic

I have been chosen!I would like to be the prime minister. I would enjoy the function and honestly, I believe I would be a very good prime minister. But realistically, it is out of my league, at least at the moment.

We all have dreams and we should never forget them. But usually we need to walk up a ladder step by step, and we should not aim so high with our first job.

Consider your chances realistically when deciding about your job. Rome was not built in one day, and neither your career can be.


5. Money are “not” important

It is great to do something you like to do. It is even better to do something you excel in. And if you see a meaningful purpose in your daily activity, it is perfect and you found an answer to what job is right for me question.

But still, money play the role.  Make a list of your monthly living costs, including some enjoyment. Then look at the number and think whether the job of your choice can provide for that.

If it can not, you have two options: either you can lower your living standard, or you have to look for another occupation, one that will cover your living costs.


Special case – none job is right for you

Some of us can never find a good job. The reason is simple: they were born (or raised) to be a business owners, investors, or gamblers. That is the way it is, that is the way their mindset works. If you:

  • Struggle to follow the orders of other people
  • Love to come up with new ideas and transform them to reality
  • Enjoy being your own boss

… the career of an employee can hardly ever satisfy you in life. Try to start your own business, or investment career (we certainly do not suggest you to start gambling–you should avoid that at all costs).


So, have you found your true calling? If you did so, you should submit some job applications and prepare for an interview. Interview Penguin will help you with the task: