You have made it to the second interview, standing close to the finish line. But still, it is too early to celebrate the victory. We gave you some great second interview tips in another article. In this one, we will focus on particular interview questions you can get when being interviewed for a second time in the same company.

The questions we will list here are specific for the second interviews. This article does not cover the topic of general tough interview questions you usually get in the first interview, the screening one, or in the phone interview. These are described in other articles on our website. So, let’s start!

Second interview questions and guy does not know what to answer 1. “This job can be very routine, repetitive daily work. Are you fine with that?”

In the second interview, employers try to show you also the “dark side” of your daily job. Doing so, they try to discover your true level of motivation. Questions like this are very common in the interviews.

Answer 1. Most importantly, do not use short answer. For example: “It’s fine for me”. That’s not the right way to get a job. Think about your previous experience and try to find something you can compare to this new occupation. For example:

I’ve been doing repetitive work for nearly three years at UPC and I really liked that. One becomes skilled in tasks he does regularly. I like that feeling of doing the same things better every day, so repetitive jobs are the best choice for me.


2. “What do you think play the key role on success in this business?”

This is kind of philosophical question. They try to find out if you understand the basic laws of particular business or industry. I know it is not an easy one to answer, but if all questions were easy, they would hardly choose a winner.

Answer 2. The right answer clearly depends on the business and country in which you are interviewed. If you are from Russia, or North Africa, or CEE, right connections play the key role on success. If you are in China, price may be the answer. And if you are in the US, or some developed countries in Europe, communication could be the right answer. Anyway, think about it and be prepared for this question. Employers like to hire smart people who can think.


3. “How would you handle the situation when…?”

In the second interview, recruiters use a lot of situational questions. They will ask you questions about various work related situations that happen in daily job.

Second interview is not easyAnswer 3. When thinking about the right answer, always think about the priorities of the company. They always care about their profit. Growth, customer satisfaction and work-efficiency stands also high on the list of their priorities.

But definitely profit is their first priority. That’s why you should always think in this way when trying to compose the right answer to situational questions.

What should I do in that situation, so it would lead (directly or indirectly) to higher profits of the company, better level of customer satisfaction and growth of their business?

Find that solution and present it in your answer. Recruiters will love you for such an attitude.

4. “When are you able to start?”

If the second interview goes well, recruiters will always come to this question. Every day is important and they do not like to waste time with someone who is not sure and hesitates.

Answer 4. You should definitely not speak about other offers you have on the table at this moment, or any interview you are going to attend.

But if it was a case and there was another important interview in front of you, I would ask for seven days time to think about the offer. Do not ask for longer time to decide. If you asked for more time, you would already lose your chances. If you want the job, be ready to sign the contract immediately!

I can start right now!

That’s the language they like…


5. “Tell me something about your previous working experience.”

So, shaking hands, you've done it!Answer 5. Your answer should differ to the one to the same question from the first interview.

Now the interviewers are interested only in what you have achieved before, in areas related to the position you apply for. Speak only to the point, speak about your achievements in related areas. That’s all they want to hear in the second interview.


So, these were some of the most common questions employers use in the second interview.

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