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Man followed salary negotiation tipsDoesn’t matter what people say or what your core values are: Money will always be important. Certain tips how to get a better salary can help you to get the most of your job offer.

Just think about it for a while. Even a silly one hundred dollars per month raise means in fact $12,000 extra on your bank account in ten years time. You can imagine what to do with such extra twelve thousand bucks, can’t you?

That’s why we decided to compose the list of some salary negotiation tips, to help you make right moves and avoid the risky one. Negotiating about salary can lead to the increase of it, that is true. But in some cases when done in a wrong way, it can lead also to your dismissal.


Show them your value before you start to negotiate.

The simple truth is, especially when we speak about big companies, that once they see a real value in employing someone, they have the resources to make him happy. The mistake that many job seekers do is that they start the salary negotiation process too early… You should wait and once your interview goes well, interviewers start to speak about salary by themselves. And just that is the time to start negotiation.


Let them to make a first offer.

Sometimes you will end up being positively surprised with the offer the employer gives you. So once he starts the talk about salary, ask him for his offer, declaring that the salary is not the primary motive for you. In some cases employer offers you more than you expected. And if not, you can start to negotiate with your salary counter offer.


Back up your claims with real numbers and stats.

Honestly, if people in your position with your level of experience have certain ceiling for the salaries, you can hardly expect more. But once they offer you less, you can come with real numbers to show them what value people like you have on the market. Still to be too aggressive while negotiating a salary will be huge mistake.


If you can, wait for the right time.

Even if you made the best possible impression in the job interview, still it’s hard to determine the real value you can bring to the company. But once you start your job and generating results, your position in negotiation about salary will be very different. Managers know to do the math, that’s for sure. That’s why sometimes it is better to ask for a raise after some time than to negotiate salary directly in the interview.

As you can, it is possible to negotiate about salaries, if you are in the right position for it. Timing is the word to remember. Choose the right time and you’ll be able to negotiate anything. Choose the wrong time and you’ll be able to negotiate nothing. We wish you good luck with your negotiations!

PS: A good article about some unique tactics used when negotiating salary can help you a lot.

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