Salary negotiation letter tips and samples


Man is writing salary negotiation letterMaybe it also happened to you that you received a great job offer. You always wanted to do this job. There is just a little problem: The offered salary is not what you have expected. In these cases, an appropriately constructed salary negotiation letter can help to make the offer perfect.

But how to write such a letter? To whom should I address it? And what should be written inside? Do not be afraid, we will answer all your questions.

Advice on how to construct your negotiation letter

Part 1: Thank you for the offer

In the beginning of your salary negotiation letter, you should thank the employer for offering you a job. You should also stress how happy you are to get a chance. Here is a sample what a first part of negotiation letter should look like:

First part of the letter sample

Dear Mr. Xxx,
I am really pleased to receive a job offer of (name of the position) from your company. You, as well as your comapny made a very good impression on me. I really hope it is a place where I can utilize my strong skills in the field and also contribute as much as possible to the prosperity of company and society. The offer is acceptable, except of few details.


Part 2: Stating what you would like to change and why

Once you gave little compliments and showed extra motivation, it is time to come to the point. Mention what you would like to change in the offer, and try to give a logical explanation for it. Let’s look at the example:

Second part of your salary negotiating letter sample

The offered basic annual salary $50,000. Based on (internet source), the average salary in this industry is above $60,000. I believe such  a salary is more corresponding with the experience and knowledge I am able to bring into your team. It is also good to mention that I have made that much in my previous job. Salary is of course not my primary motivation. But there are also other offers, where $60,000 and more is offered to me. But I really would like to choose your offer. Please, consider it.


Part 3: Confirming your interest and closing the letter

At the end of your letter, it is important to leave the doors open for further negotiations. Tell the employer that you are open for discussion. Stress your interest to start asap. Check the example below:

Third part of the letter

The position of (name of the position) is really where I can imagine myself doing very well. I believe that both goals of your company and my personal goals can be achieved once I hold this role. Please, let me know what you think about my suggestion. I am open for any discussions and looking forward to start the job of (name of the position) in your company as soon as possible.

Best Regards
(Your name)


It is quite simple to write a salary negotiation letter. Just do not forget to address it to the right person – the person that gave you an offer. If your arguments are realistic, you should be able to receive what you deserve. We wish you good luck!

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