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Man answered all practical residency interview questionsResidency program is an important part of your medical study. But in case you want to get a place in a good hospital or clinic, you will have to deal with a bunch of residency interview questions.

In general the number of applicants for residency program is considerably higher than the number of open spots. Hospitals in their best intention try to choose the person that can bring the highest added value to the place and fits the working collective.

Candidates are usually pretty even in terms of education and medical knowledge. That’s why residency interview questions are targeting mostly some attitudes you have.

Interviewers simply try to find out if you are the right person for the residency program offered by them, if they can count with you also in the future and so on. We collected for you a list of common residency questions. Hopefully it will help you in your preparation for the interview.


List of common residency interview questions

  • What motivates you to study medicine? What do you find most fascinating about it?
  • Where do you find out about our residency program? What caught your eye on it?
  • Why did you decided for this residency specialty?
  • If you should summarize your studies at the University, what would you say about it?
  • What do you know about our clinic?
  • What do you plan to do once you finish your residency program?
  • What do you expect from this residency program?
  • What is the most stressful experience with a patient you have ever had in your life?
  • Why do you think we should choose exactly you for the place in our residency program?
  • Do you have any research plans for the future?
  • Have you attended any medical conferences or seminars up to this point?
  • Are you applying for other residency specialty also? Do you plan to apply in case we will not choose you?
  • what do you like to do in your free time?

As you can see, residency interview questions are mostly targeting your attitudes and ideas. In general there is no need to prepare for practical medical questions as there are very rarely part of a residency interview.

However, in some cases the interviewer may be an older doctor who likes to ask such questions. Especially these doctors like to ask medical questions no-one from the applicants can answer. But do not bother yourself with that sort of residency interview questions. The odds you get them are very little.

Rather spend enough time with preparation for common residency interview questions presented in this article and also with appropriate mental and physical interview preparation. After you do so, your chances to secure a place in your favorite residency program will be quite good.

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