Interview questions for managers


So you have been invited for the job interview for a managerial position. That’s great, isn’t it? But what questions could you expect to get there? Interview questions for managerial positions in the job interview are usually very targeted. In this article, we will try to help you to be well prepared for some tough questions you can get, so you can ace your managerial interview and get a great job.

But let’s speak about some key abilities of good manager before that. Knowing them can help you to understand better how to act in the managerial interview. Good manager should have at least these key abilities:


Three key abilities of great managers

I succeeded in the managerial interview1. Can not only talk, but also listen. To reflect it in your answers to interview questions for managers, do not make it look like you know everything and all the people just have to listen to your orders. That’s not the 21st century management and if the interviewers got such impression from you, you will definitely not be chosen. Oppositely, stress in your answers to the interview questions the proactive and communicative style of your management.

2. Should be a good example to his sub-ordinates. You should take  on projects by yourself, be actively involved in things happening in the workplace, not just sit in the office. Exactly this should be reflected in your answers during the meeting with the employer. If recruiters got impression that you want only to delegate assignments and read reports, well, your interview will turn to a short parade very soon.

3. Be willing to take decisions, hire but also fire if it is needed. Great manager simply can work with the workforce without emotions. One of the key abilities is definitely to work with people, motivate them, hire the right guys and fire the wrong guys. Manager should not let his emotions to influence his decisions. Great manager should only ask himself: “Is this good for a company in a long run, or not?”, and take decision based on the answer to that question.

While all three of these abilities can come natural to some, they can also be learned and fine-tuned for everyone. A masters of business administration online is a great way to quickly learn the ins and outs of managing others in the work place.

Tough interview questions for managers

So those were few key abilities of a good manager. You should keep it in mind while answering interview questions. Now we will have a look at particular queries you can get in the managerial job interview.  We will not focus on general interview questions, like “how many people have you supervised in the past?”.

Honestly, there is nothing special you can answer to such a question. All you can say is the real number. So, let’s focus on few tough questions a manager can easily get in an interview for a job.


Young manager succeeding in the job interviewQuestion 1. How do you motivate your subordinates?

This is one of the most common questions and you will get it in nearly every managerial interview.

Answer 1. The best answer you can give here is that you solve the issue of motivation individually with every single employee. As a first step you always examine what is the problem causing lack of his motivation (whether it is money, or bad relations in the workplace, or personal problems, or s/he can’t see the relation of personal and company goals, etc.).  Secondly, you try to improve his motivation by solving the problem you identified in step number one. And, if there is no other solution, you will fire this employee…

Giving answer like this one, you cover the topic completely.

Question 2. How would you describe your management philosophy?

This is also one of common managerial questions and many candidates feel it tough to answer.

Answer 2. There are various management philosophies. The one that nearly every single company director will like you to have is the following one: “The best decision is the one that helps the company the most in the long run.” It’s  a simple answer, but it covers it all. You can choose other philosophy, if you have one. But always please keep in mind that your answer should be simple and clear. Real managers always have their management philosophy.


Question 3. What makes you unique as a leader?

Nowadays more and more directors start to understand a key role leadership plays in their mission to company success. Real leaders (only few if any are interviewed for each managerial job) can make a huge difference for the company. That’s why this is one of nowadays used interview questions for managers. We write more about leadership questions in another article also.

Answer 3. The best leader is the person that has an ability to train other people to become leaders. Once a company has many leaders (not only leaders of the others, but leaders of their own life), it will fly through the competition like a rocket.  That’s why the best answer you can give here is this one:

“I always try to help all my subordinates to get to the higher level. Higher level of motivation, higher level of self confidence, higher level of effectiveness, higher level of personal leadership. And that’s what makes me unique as a leader.”


Questions 4. What biggest management problem did you face in your previous occupation?

Life is not so easy. Recruiters know, that you are not perfect… In fact nobody is perfect.

Manager is scared before his interview - What interview questions for managers will he get?Answer 4. Best you can do here is to be honest and say what your biggest problem was. But once you say that, continue with the solution. Describe them how have you changed your biggest problem to your biggest challenge and solved it finally.

Can you see what have you just done? You showed them that you are only a man, but at the same time you showed them that you do not know problems… For you as a great manager, there exists no problems, only the challenges.


Question 5. What do you think are three key abilities of a good manager?

We decided to finish this article with an easy one. Easy one, but still many people have problems with this interview question for managers…

Answer 5. As an answer you can use the abilities we described in the beginning of this article.

What is very important, never sink yourself with the wrong answer to this question. The key abilities of a good manager you mention in the job interview should be also your abilities. Saying anything else you are giving them the easy reason to not choose you… Do not forget on that.

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