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Student doctor preparing for medical school interviewTo have a knowledge about questions you can expect to get during the medical school interview is very important. You can use it, as well as the suggested answers, to outclass other applicants and secure your place in the study program.

First thing to remember is that you are applying for a study program, not for the job. That’s why the medical school interview questions are mostly related to two things: Your studies at the college and your personality. Let’s have a look at most common questions.


Interview questions and answers for med school applicants

Question 1: Why did you choose our school?
Answer: In your preparation before an interview, you should have a look at the study program of the college, the subjects, and try to find something what is attractive to you. Afterwards, during the interview, you should just tell them about that. Interviewers at the school try to estimate your true level of motivation for study at their college, that’s why they use this question. Do not forget about that and get ready for it in advance.

Question 2: Why have you chosen a career of a doctor?
Answer: Good level of salaries is not the answer they are looking for and wanting to hear. You should consider your employment as a mission. You should want to help other people. This is the identity of ideal medical school student and ideal doctor later – and the interviewers at school look exactly for this attitude.

Question 3: Why should we decide to give you a place in our study program?
Answer: Usually, there are plenty of applicants for every free spot at the medical school. Answering medical school interview questions, you should persuade the interviewers that it is worth for them to reserve one spot for you, and not for the other one.

To tell that you are planning to represent the school in various competitions, or that you plan to help a local community (mentioning a specific plan how to do so) is a good answer.

Question 4: Medical studies are very hard and demanding. Do you think you can handle that?
Answer: To play a super hero is not advisable at this place. Medical studies really are tough. It’s not any cliché, it’s the truth. So, definitely a good answer is that you are aware of the difficulty, but your determination of becoming a doctor is so strong that you are willing to sacrifice nearly all your free time for your studies.

So, now you know some of the tough questions and should be ready to give a good answer to it. Now let me add few more, commonly used questions. If you find the following list not long enough, or if you can not figure out how to answer these questions correctly, have a look at the extensive list of medical school interview questions. Thank you!


Other interview questions

Q5. If one from your colleagues, or other professional from medical sector, will criticize you, how will you cope with that?

Q6. Can you define your personal qualities that are beneficial for a good doctor and qualities you need to improve to be able to become a perfect doctor once?

Q7. Do you already have any kind of experience with medical work or with rescuing people?

Q8. Saying just three words, how would people that know you very well describe you?

Q9. What qualities do other people admire on you?

Q10. What do you think is the future of medicine?

Q11. What do you guess an obese patient might feel, when being told that their own rheumatoid arthritis is caused by being overweight?

Q12. Is there anything in the history of medicine that fascinates you?

So there we go. Medical school interview questions are not easy, as you can see. But once you have the right personality, write a great essay, and do not underestimate your interview preparation, you have a decent chance to succeed.

To make it happen, do not forget to check out our unique interview tips and also the college interview questions section.  Good Luck!

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